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Let’s Be Mindful of Energies We Absorb

It dawned on me that it would be helpful to discuss aura and energy. I feel it’s so important for us to have an awareness and understanding that we are all vibrating, we are all energy. Everything is energy.

Some of us are extra sensitive. It is like we are walking around with antennas on our head. If we are conscious, aware and do the spiritual work regularly we will keep our energy strong and protected and ward off anything negative that comes our way. But many people are absorbing outside influence and are not even aware of it, or might even be confused as to why they feel strange, drained, dirty or emotional (to name a few symptoms lol). Sometimes it is even hard to recognise what is ‘yours’ and what is something coming form an outside source.

When you are walking around, intermingling amongst people, moving between work, shopping centres etc, do you realise that you have around you an energy system that is like wearing a big thick invisible cloak. Just as a turtle has a shell for protection, so too do you have one (though it’s invisible to the human eye and only visible to some with developed clairvoyant ability).

A spider web is a good analogy as it is set up to catch spiders. For us, our energy field is there to capture any form of negative energy. When you pick up on foreign energy and thought-forms (including other people’s emotions), it can cling on to you and you can absorb it like a ‘psychic sponge’.

This is why it is important to keep our chakras clear, so that we do not absorb it but rather it is flung off. Also when you are positive, happy and ‘high vibrational’, you are less likely to pick up on unwanted energy.

We don’t only get affected by other people or situations, we are also vulnerable to big changes in weather including extreme weather like the current hurricanes forecast , planetary influence, solar storms etc. As many of you know, we have been going through a massive period of clearing of not ourselves but also the planet. I have also been hearing that we will be feeling this extra in the next while due to November’s eclipse.

More Informatiom About The Human Aura

There is much more to the physical body than many people realise. There is a whole energy field that surrounds the human body. This is the human aura. We are composed of energy that vibrates at a frequency. It is interesting to note that there are many different fields of energy that can affect the physical body, as they can not only emanate from, but also surround and penetrate it. Part of the energy field contains subtle bodies or bands of energy which are formed and developed upon incarnation and the foetus as it develops. This creates a kind of integration between our ‘spiritual essence’ and human body. These energy fields can thus act as a kind of bridge or link between the two worlds, and enables us to extend our consciousness.

As we are vibrating energy, our thoughts and feelings and those of others affect our energy field.

PictureWhen our auric field is strong, vital and healthy, it is easier for us to positively attune to other realms and tap into divine consciousness, as we are operating from a higher frequency. When it is weaker or unbalanced, the more we can be affected by negative influences.

There are many things that can affect our energy fields, such as poor diet, lack of rest and exercise and negative self-talk, attitudes or bad habits. So there are things we can do to raise our frequencies and be more high vibrational, such as eating healthy and raw foods, positive thinking and affirmations, practising gratitude and meditation, and surrounding ourselves with beautiful music and positive people.

We can learn to see auras by focusing the mind out of the physical, and expanding. You can have a go at this yourself. Have someone stand against a white wall, and rather than look at the person’s physical body, place your gaze more on the space above the head. It takes a while to learn to adjust your focus, but you should begin to see at least a white aura of energy around the person (it’s easier to just focus on the head and shoulders). Some people are able to see the various colours.