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Clear Quartz


Clear quartz is a powerful enhancer of psychic ability as is amethyst. It is a high vibrational master crystal effective for both the third eye and the crown chakra as well as the soul star chakra which is further upwards above the head (which incidentally, is white in colour!). This crystal is associated with the radiant, pure light of the ‘white ray’ which it enables the aforementioned higher chakras to emanate white light, thus acting as an omnipotent connection to the Divine Spirit. It resonates, balances and cleanses strongly and enhances the energy of any other crystals you place near it. I often place other crystals on top of or around my quartz cluster as it will help cleanse and purify the other stones. It is known to amplify your thoughts and the energy of the atmosphere. It is also a very effective absorber and releaser of energy so it acts well to dispose of any negative energy including electromagentic radiation.
I find that clear quartz brings great clarity to your mind and soul and it clears, protects and expands the auric field round you or the energy of your home. It is great to use in meditation, channelling angels and higher beings of light, doing readings or connecting with your intuition for all the reasons I have mentioned above and is a fantastic tool to open up and clear your crown chakra. You can use clear quartz by actively imbuing positive thoughts into it, and watch as it amplifies and expands your thoughts and energy. It is a great pick-me-up!Natalia Kuna  www.nataliakuna.com


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