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With all this guidance for us to get our third eye stimulated and the nudge from Spirit to work with crystals more, I thought now would be the perfect time to have a chat about crystals. I have been wanting to feature a new crystal every month in this newsletter, so this is a great opportunity to get started, and I am choosing my favourite crystal – Amethyst!I have always had Amethyst around me, I love the purple colour and there is just something magical and powerful about it. It is an easy crystal to be drawn to and is especially good for activating and developing one’s psychic abilities. I always keep one near me when I do readings for this very reason. There are other crystals that you can use to help you open up your psychic channels and to be more ‘aware’, however for September I am going to focus on the potent properties of amethyst and how you can work with it.

Apart from helping us to open our psychic channels, Amethyst is also highly protective and high-vibrational. It is a good psychic shield, creating a kind of protective bubble around your auric field. It can be calming and help you feel serene, thus assisting you in healing as well as reaching higher levels of consciousness, especially during meditation. It also helps you get more focused to make decisions more easily, especially if you are finding your emotions are running your thoughts rather than you accessing spiritual wisdom.
This is because of its mentally calming and memory-enhancing properties. So if you are the type to get scattered or indecisive / wishy washy or emotionally charged, then Amethyst will help you bring back your power and wisdom.

You can use Amethyst to help open up your third eye as well as stimulate the crown chakra (both of these chakras are omnipotent in spiritual communication). It can be used as an effective tool to communicate with your angels and guides. This is really being repeated in readings lately, as now is the time to awaken our spiritual wisdom to its fullest potential. You can literally place the stone over your third eye area inbetween your eyes and slightly above on our forehead (I recommend lying down for this, lol). Just spend some time with it, hold it in your left hand, have a feel of its energy. You can also place it under your pillow if you would like to receive some intuitive guidance in your dreams, to relieve insomnia, help raise any lower energies or dissipitate nightmares if you are having any.

For those of you having issues with the throat chakra, which is also a common theme lately (those of you struggling to express yourselves, communicate openly, or perhaps even having sore throats), use Amethyst to help you. It can also be used on the heart to facilitate love energy.

Written by Natalia Kuna – Spiritual Intuitive   www.nataliakuna.com     www.facebook.com/nataliakuna   newsletter: www.nataliakuna.com/newsletter