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2012 – The Year of the Dragon

In chinese astrology 2012 is the YEAR of the DRAGON, specifically the WATER DRAGON. The way this number configuration is worked out to see what animal is associated with each year is as follows: the individual digits of the year are added (so for 2012 that would be 2+0+ 1+2=5). Then the number you get (in this case 5) is associated with the symbols of the chinese zodiac in order, and dragon is the 5th symbol.

Also, an element is added to this (such as water, fire, wood etc) to add particular characteristics to the sign. The number five is known numerologically and universally as representing new beginnings, change, freedom, transformation, alchemy, new opportunities, universality and creative expression. So I can really see how those themes have come into play in a big way this year!

Dragons in eastern tradition are not to be feared, but rather revered. The dragon is a powerful symbol of new beginnings, happiness, power and good fortune. Water represents emotion, the subconscious, transformation and intuition. Put the two together, and the ‘water dragon’ shows us patience and the perceptive use of intuition as we emerge and transform from the deep water of consciousness. I have a feeling there is a strong connection with our deep sub conscious in relation to divine universal consciousness and spiritual growth here.

Written by Natalia Kuna     www.nataliakuna.com      www.facebook.com/nataliakuna

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