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If you have been following current spiritual philosophies and new paradigm discussion, you will be embracing the thought pattern that the world will not end in December 2012 as hyped about in media and other sources, but will rather be an unprecedented time of transformation in human history. At least that is the potential which is there for us.

The date of 21st December 2012 has been derived from that fact that it is the very last date depicted on the indigenous Mayan calendar which was known to be an ingenious, complex system based on the cycle of the Pleiades. The Mayans claim that this supernatural knowledge of highly advanced, extremely accurate timekeeping was given to them as a gift from Gods that came down to earth from the stars, nine of which are said to return on this date. There is much implication by modern theorists that these ‘Gods’ are actually extra-terrestrial beings of a higher intelligence.

Other ancient cultures such as the Aztecs, Egyptians, Native American shamans, Hopi people, Maori and aborigine elders as well as ancient Hindu and Buddhist Indian manuscripts also pointed to this era we are now in as a time of mass change, renewal or potentially chaotic destruction. The Hopi Native American people in fact believe that we are currently in the 5th era, a time of purification where humanity need to come together and live in peace and harmony on the planet in order to avoid the destruction and ‘end times’. Some of these cultures in fact also knew that 2012 would be hugely significant. It is therefore clearly a global knowledge.

Many ancient civilisations have in fact left clues about there being a period of great change. These markers can be found in temples, pyramids and other sacred sites and act as secret ‘seeds’ much like the lightworkers or starseeds have come at this time as beacons of light to help during what they intuitively know is a period of profound transformation and enlightenment on planet earth.

The sacred Mayan calendar has been known to make accurate predictions including the arrival of the Spanish to America on Easter Sunday: April 21st, 1519. Using symbolic language, the prophecy depicted the Spanish ships as butterflies (which the native people found evident in the billowing sails of the ships that arrived to the land). The Mayan prophets predicted in advance that this arrival would be a kind of “hell” on their land for nine cycles of 52 years. Some say that this actualised in the form of sickness and ill-treatment of the land and people followed by the abuse of fiscal and other power and control. It is very interesting to note that the end of this cycle is the date August 16th 1987 which is known in spiritual communities to be the “harmonic convergence.” It was on this day that a new era of the “5th sun” would be born, a time of great transition, though not quite yet manifested in full form (hence the 2012 date).

Notice the recurring appearance of the number 5. There is the new era of the 5th sun. We have 2012 being represented by the dragon, the 5th sign of the chinese zodiac. We are also developing a greater awareness of the otherwise hidden 5th element which is ‘ether.’ Ether is an alchemical element which permeates all space and brings about a fusion of all energies into the light. It is the celestial harbinger of heaven on earth through its very essence and state of being. And then we have the new age notion that the ascension process is moving us rapidly from the 3rd and 4th dimensions to the 5th which represents a higher state of awareness – the evolutionary leap in human consciousness we have long been waiting for.

December 21st 2012 (of which all numbers add to 5) will be a time of rebirth on our planet. This is when the “Worlds of the Fifth Sun” are said to begin. The astronomical event will be that the earth will line up with the centre of the galaxy at a point intersecting the Milky Way where there is a black hole. The Mayan people referred to this hole as the ‘birth canal,’ ‘womb’ or ‘dark road’ of the universe where everything began – where stars were born and where there is a portal into another world. So there will be an exact alignment between the earth, sun and Milky Way – a phenomenon that only happens once every 26,000 years. And this event will simultaneously affect the rest of the universe.
The effect of this cosmic happening in energetic or spiritual terms will be that a high vibrational channel of energy will cleanse and charge the earth, consequently raising its vibration. There is some thought out there also that the sun, being a powerful magnifier and amplifier of energy may have something to do with it.

There is also a reference to the numbers of 21/12/2012 numerologically adding up to 11 (3 + 3 + 5 = 11). This is a magical number. In fact the exact moment of the galactic alignment is said to be at 11:11 universal time (here’s a link to a clock counting down the time until then and with a chart showing what time it falls on in your location: http://www.december212012.com/CDC.htm ). We are currently in the Age of Aquarius which is the 11th sign of the zodiac.


What I am beginning to understand on a higher level is that the number is dualistic. On one hand, there is the positive side of this master number. It is highly spiritual, denotes positive change, the access of technological advances, the opening up of intuition, the standing up for freedom and the prevailing of social justice and altruism. Think of the peaceful civil protests, environmental philanthropy and all of the various forms of social and other activism that has been happening! On the negative side, it can bring about abrupt change, unexpected events, rebellion, destruction and death. Think of 9/11 or the negative repercussions of more aggressive protests or outbreaks of war, terror, acts of violence or injustice – think Julian Assange. And don’t forget the natural disasters and extreme weather patterns.

In fact there are some dates in history if you go back where negative things happened on ‘11’ dates. And this is where the crux lies. The dark are well aware of the power of numbers and sacred geometry and have been using it to their advantage in underground ways. This is also evident in secret societies, negative ritualistic traditions and masonic organisations. There is more to this number than meets the eye, and the ‘all seeing eye’ is the very hallmark symbol of their tyranny and control.

All of the chief build up to 2012 has actually been happening since the harmonic convergence. We have been preparing in many ways to bring peace and harmony to mother earth and to rid of injustice, cruelty, environmental waste and the scourge of materialism to say the least. What we are moving away from is the imbalance seen on earth in terms of the environment, and the old, out-dated social, hierarchical and monetary systems. The dark forces in power and control of money, government, companies and institutions will be in full fear mode and trying to hold on to the old ways. On the light side, there will be much disclosure about lies, illusion and falsehood that has gone back for eons of time. People will start to awaken to the truth.

Many of us have already been feeling the process beginning to happen as the transition between the old and new ways and mindsets are changing for our highest good. The energies have been accelerating and with that our manifestation power. The thinning of the ‘veils’ that we often hear about has resulted in a greater connection between the worlds and opening up of our natural psychic senses as well as sense of purpose in the world as we seek truth and in the process become acutely aware of any illusions or false systems / belief sets.

Some folk will however struggle to let go of the old ways of being and thinking. They will want to hang on tightly to old belief systems and will be in a state of fear or denial. Those of us who are awakening and have a sense of knowing and natural seeking of the truth will use that as a beacon and will start living from our hearts. You can see now what the last few years were all about as we have dealt with old emotions, memories, negative thoughts and relationships coming to the surface to be cleared and we also have watched as the planet went through a series of huge purging. We have been preparing for what is ahead: a new era of peace, love, unity and oneness. A golden age harking back to the time of Atlantis which so many of us resonate with and have had past life connections to. That is why there are some who feel an affinity with marine life forms or are called to protect the environment or become activists for dolphins and whales for example. The golden dawn before us will be a long-awaited rebirthing of Atlantis which was in the end destroyed by the dark. You can see how the cycle has re-manifested and there is a chance for us to correct the imbalance, and the Mayans were all about understanding time as cyclical rather than linear.

An “Ancient Aliens” documentary of the doomsday prophecies (produced by Prometheus Entertainment) that I recently watched ends with this line which really sums it up:

“ Perhaps what awaits us is not the end of the world, but a new beginning. One that will reveal the celestial origins of man.”

And that couldn’t have been said any better. We are moving on.

Written by Natalia Kuna   www.nataliakuna.com       www.facebook.com/nataliakuna

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