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This blue moon is teaching us that we r each a powerful channel for divine healing and lightwork. Each of us have this ability. The giant releasing is helping us recognise this. We r each being inspired in the next while (and each of us at our own pace and with full respect of our situations, backgrounds and sensitivities), to come out of our shells, break free, stand our ground, and reclaim at once our divinity and peace and unity for all. Each of us steps in our place, ready and willing, with the tools of our experiences (all our learning) by our side so that we can help others realise their own true purpose and find their voices. And in doing so, we too find our spark and our truth and alignment occurs.

So take some quiet time to prepare and refuel, and then emerge from the shadows, barefoot and pure (thank u blue moon for showing us this and showing the way, which is also doubly symbolised by your luminosity outshining the shadows u so cyclically show to us).

Let your colours shine each of u, in full expectation of miracles, abundance, cleansing and rebirth. Reclaim your calling as a lightworker, a true angel on earth, a star being sent to this planet. Wake up from the masses and the moss and spring forth into action with fertile new ground.

Today and in the next while as u continue to move fwd from the blue moon, know that u r safe in this period of transition and when things feel so ‘uncertain’. Breathe in a sense of peace knowing that this lull or axis point (depending on your personal journey) is pivotal and a true turning point in ur life. Keep persisting, holding the light, focusing on the wisdom coming through, and work on developing your third eye (more on that in my sept newsletter “Awakening Spirit” coming real soon, u can subscribe here: http://www.nataliakuna.com/newsletter

Also go kick up your heals. Enough seriousness and heaviness. U will feel lighter by having some fun and relaxing with life, seeing the brighter side etc so let down ur hair and loosen up, remember to keep going w the flow.

Love and blessings, and remember to follow your own guidance always.
Natalia Kuna

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