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Isn’t it amazing the card for today’s ‘blue moon’ has a moon with a blueish tinge on the image! Todays blue moon is powerful and extra charged. The angels and fairies are saying to visualise letting go of all stress, worries, fears, burdens, draining people and situations. Whatever it is for you.
I’m feeling someone out there with ‘past regrets’ weighing them down and eating at their solar plexus, there are some of you with so much fear, self shame, anxiety. Breathing it out now. Today and tonight work on a major release. Let it all out like a giant purge. Drink alot of water, take gentle care of yourself, let any emotions flow and pour out of u like a waterfall. Reach up to the stars and see the new light of your day emerge through this process. Ok, the angels are pointing back to those of you with ‘anxiety’ and ‘sadness’ and ‘fear’ – it’s coming up so strongly. Archangel Michael is here saying:
“Take my hand. I will guide u and show u the way. Fear not. Let it all out of you now, dear one. You have so much pain and darkness in your heart. Let me brush away your tears and banish your fears. You are a vessel  that needs to be replenished. Go now towards your dreams. The target is ahead and it is there for u now. Let your spirit be cleansed and soaked up by the power of the blue moon that radiates with so much love and wisdom. It speaks to your heart and encourages you to fight for what is inherintly yours and for the truth buried deep in your soul. Go now and find your way, dear one. And I am with you all along. Let me blanket you with my cloak of royal blue protection and may you bathe in the light of the blue moon to soak up all that is within you and to set your spirit free now and forever. Amen.”
ok that was a channeling that came through unexpectedly and i cant believe im typing this all on my iphone. Wow. So know that Michael is with u today protecting you and guiding u forward. The angels are also saying that visualisation is a powerful tool and they are workinng with you while you are sleeping. Also the colour blue has a lot of significance, use blue light to heal and protect yourself. Breathe in the calming blue.
Blessings, Natalia Kuna       www.nataliakuna.com       www.facebook.com/nataliakuna