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Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for reading my blogs. I shall continue to share my thoughts, articles and videos.
I regularly post intuitively guided angel messages that are directed to help all people on my Facebook Page (and Twitter). I aim to do this almost daily, or as much as possible (whenever I can or feel the urge or the angels nudging me). One thing that I would like to ask YOU is, would you be interested in hearing more angel messages here in my blogs? I am thinking about whether to post more here, or perhaps bring back my weekly messages. At this point, I would really love to hear your thoughts and feedback as I consider what I will be doing. Your thoughts are really meaningful to me, so please leave a comment if you can, or come chat on my Facebook Page if you like – it is the place where I am the most interactive on a daily level, and it is there for guidance, support and inspiration. Read on…
In recent times, I have felt intuitively guided to share messages that are for everybody. Spirit is calling and talking to me and wants to speak with YOU. Each message is different, some are more broadly-themed and general, and others are more specific, personal and direct. I may at times get words or sentences for someone to ‘claim’ – it’s up to you to recognise the message and claim it for yourself and don’t worry, there may be a message within a message for one person, two, five or twenty, it really doesnt matter… this is how Spirit works. So be bold, be strong and claim your message as it comes! Say: “Yes, that is for me, wow, i hear Spirit and it is talking with me!” And another person might reply: “Me too, that resonates comepletely!” – and that is perfect!!!!!!  TRUST in the process. BREATHE it in, whether it is a mere word, sentence or entire reading… simply breathe, recognise, and ALLOW it’s blessings and insights (whether hidden or covert) to speak to you. So, in other words, be OPEN to the process and be WILLING to take the next step, listen to your HEART, and also be guided by YOUR OWN answers WITHIN.
These are important messages right now and it is by no mistake that you are reading them.  Also time is not linear in the spirit world, so if you read a day’s message a week later for example and relate to something in it, it is still absolutely applicable. So trust, listen, breathe and beleive. And know always that you are loved, heard, accepted and guided always. Be pulled by your own spirit and guided by your LIGHT. Observe the signs, take the steps and walk forward.
For the rest of August, know that you are experiencing so much change, it is just enormous, massive!! Work to release anything that no longer serves you, release the old pain. Know that blessings are coming and the angels are telling me: “a lighter load”… Get ready to fly and become the butterfly you were always meant to be. Get ready to come out of your chrysallis! Get ready to emergy from your safe cocoon. Prepare to fly. As you work on your own transformation, your inner wisdom expands. You become more connected, silent, knowing. Trust your inner voice. And if you get any signs for action, take them. Work with the flow of life, whatever it brings you, like a river that never ends, so too does your life flow and move with the ebbs and flows, tides, gushes, and downfalls.
It’s coming up for everyone to work on your solar plexus right now – know that it is so safe for you to be powerful, express yourself and take charge of your life. Work on healing any past traumas, grief, deep-seated fears, and any questioning you have of yourself and your femininity, directions, confidence, self esteem, desires, confusion, doubt, self-berating, delaying of living your life, hiding, procrastinating – the works, prepare to come out of yoru shells! Blessings to you on your journey and namaste! ♥
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Natalia Kuna
Intuitive Empath who works with the angels to bring LIGHT into your life.