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ImageRevamping Your  Image, Transforming Your Life

I have recently made a change in  my life by revamping my website. It incorporates more of who I am and what I do.  It combines a number of areas. Sometimes you have to do a complete turn around, look at things in a new, fresh way.

Are you ready to make that change in your  life? I know there is something gnawing at you, from under your skin. You crave  for more fulfilment, expression, and let’s face it – joy in your life. Don’t be  scared to take those steps forward. No more hiding!!

ImageIs Fear Holding You Back?

It’s time to come out of your shell and explore all the facets of who you are. Do you find yourself hiding parts of yourself to certain people? Let’s turn that thought around – what if you lived, breathed, and let yourself be completely free as a full expression of who you really are in truth.

My challenge was overcoming the fear that my open ‘spiritualness’ might cause some mainstream potential clients to view me a certain way which would decrease my credibility as a professional English teacher, and even as a writer. I juggled with how I could combine all my passion, interests and skills onto one website. Yes, I toyed around with the idea of having two or even three sites to encompass all the different fields, but in the end, the journey took me right back to where I started. At the beginning. At www.nataliakuna.com.

So now I have a one-stop transformational shop. Well, it’s not a shop per se, but a place to come to feel inspired and supported on your transformational journey (I am working  hard towards this vision). My  goal or ‘mission statement’ is to assist people of all walks of life to embrace  change, and work on healing and transforming their lives, to be all that  they can be. So the key that ties everything together is ‘transformation’ and  ‘personal development’.

On my site you will now find a new developing area called ‘Writing Wisdom’ (this is my new baby that will grow over time and be  accompanied by my new ‘Writer Seeker’ blog. There is also an ‘English Tuition’  section to help kids and ESL students with their English and Creative  Writing.

I feel great having made this change. It is like a fresh  canvas for me to work on and develop. What changes do you wish to make in your  life? This is all open up for discussion on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/nataliakuna So come and join in on the conversation at any time. 

      Are you ready for the transformation?

Natalia Kuna is an intuitive psychic medium who gives readings using oracle cards. She is also a writer, author, English teacher and tutor. Transform your life and be inspired at www.nataliakuna.com