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Recently, I have felt that Spirit is knocking at my door. Now I don’t mean spirit as in ‘ghosts’ (though I do include them in my broad definition, because they definately speak too). I am talking about Grande Spirit. Source. The FORCE.
   It’s in the sweet humming of a bird outside your window that reminds you of the beauty of having a life on earth. The rustling of the trees as a little squirrel scurries into the bush half fearful half playful – reminding you that you are not alone. It’s in the glistening leaves brushed by the sun as it ends it’s day, making you feel all cosy knowing you’ll be home soon to your home-cooked meal. It’s the numberplate that you notice while driving that says a word that you know is a specific message for you. It’s overhearing a conversation and something that they say clicks and the question you asked yourself in the morning has now been answered. It’s when you see a look-alike of a friend or relative cross the street infront of you which reminds you to give them a call.
   These are basic examples that we can all find in our everyday lives. It’s up to us to notice them, absorb them, thank them, and take heed. Spirit is alive. It is all around us. Do yourself a favour and today when you step outside, really see, breathe and feel the environment around you. Notice all the little details. Use all your senses. get into the habit of observing and staying as much as possible in a state of awareness. This is easier to do when we feel centred and at peace.
   For those of us who are spiritually adventurous and metaphysically curious, or just plain open and aware; things start to get clearer and louder. The supersonic sounds of a midnight frequency attunement makes our ears ring and drone in fluctuating waves. We wonder what it means and what’s really happening. We try listening, tuning in, or just allow it to be and do its work. We may receive clear, vibrant images that come as visions or bequested insights of the inner eye. Our body may tingle and flutter or shiver and shudder in magical intensity. Or we may have a palpitating sense of unmistakable, powerful ‘knowing’ that occurs from an interdimensional connection to Spirit.
   These flashes of signs, snippets of clues, glimmers of insight are here just as they were in ancient times. In fact now more than ever, in this technological, robotic, frenetic world; we need to stop, breathe and listen. This is a hark that goes back to the ancient civilisations, to the tribespeople, to the sages and shamans. We are being called.
    Spirit is knocking at our door and it’s getting louder. Have you stopped to listen?
Natalia Kuna
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