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July 2012 Angel Reading

View the video reading by clicking the link above in red.

We are being called to listen to Spirit just as you would hear the sounds of the ocean if you had a giant shell pressed against your ear. Also, use energy in positive ways to create such as via affirmations, prayer and positive thoughts. Mircacles are hear for you, just beleive and step into the law of attraction. Crystals are calling out for us to connect with them and be used. Be ready to take action steps this second half of 2012! You have all the Light and Power within you and the Divine Feminine is here for us. We are being guided and supported rigoroiusly also by female ancestors in spirit including our mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers.

NOTE: After I uploaded this, I glanced at too see that it was 771 slides long. I felt compelled to look up the meaning of that number in my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue as i knew it would have meaning, and it said: “You positive outlook, affirmations, and optimism create Divine Magic in your life. Your’e inspiring others with your loving light.” How amazing and apt considering all the mesages about positive thinking and using affirmations etc that came through. I’m utterly uplifted also at this point, because it has a double meaning. I am also currently working on an “Affirmation Challenge” project and will be bringing to you soon information about affirmation and the power of positive thinking— so there you go! And that’s how Spirit works. And Spirit is calling upon YOU to listen… I also just noticed this video is 821 minutes long (Spirit is asking us to notice signs and  synchronicities such as this): “Consistent work with positive intentions and afirmations is bringing you abundance in all ways. Expect miracles.” WOW!! 🙂

I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming spiritually guided projects with you soon 🙂

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