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First, a Personal Update:

I have been quite unwell, so I haven’t posted many blogs for a little while now. But those of you who have subscribed to my soulful, purposeful Newsletter “Awakening Spirit”, which you can view here (there’s also a subscribe option), will have seen some of my more recent articles and thoughts. I will continue to post guidance, readings, articles and thoughts in my blogs (you might see me catching up for the next while), newsletter and hopefully add them to my website to. I am always open to hearing any htoughts or suggestions from you guys, so feel free to comment here or email me at: angelnat8@yahoo.com.

Allowing the Keys of Transformation to Change Your Life

There is no doubt that we are in ‘transformative times.’ There is a grande spiritual awakening, a transformation of our consciousness to deeper levels than we could ever imagine!!

First, there needs to be an ‘inner shift’ and from there, we will be able to see more clearly the ‘outer’ layers. Envision now, as one by one, enlightened humans awaken and grow, sprout from their seeds, and bloom into beautiful, powerful spiritual flowers. One by one. This is the time it is happening, as there is momentum and acceleration of our collective consiousness. Some refer to this process as the ‘quickening’. This emerging sense of etheric transmutation and human evolution is seeping from beneath our skin and ready to burst at the seams. Can you feel it?

We are moving away from the prisons of our own minds, which are so incredibly conditioned and imprisoning, to realising that we are more than what we ever thought we are. So so much much more.
And remember, it is not only ‘as above, so below’, but also ‘as below, so above’… So it is time now on earth to awaken from our deep slumber. Earth and beyond need us. We each have our own missions that are a part of our Divine life purpose. So get ready to turn the key and see what waits beyond that arcane door of your soul and the universe!! 
Let me tell you that it is worth studying the Course in Miracles if you are ready for a deeper spiritual understanding. I warn you though, its pretty challenging – you need to absorb one lesson a day for a whole year, but it is life-changing if you can get through it!). You can see all the lessons here for free online: http://courseinmiracles.com/workbook_lessons/part_1/workbook_lessons_introduction.htm
The greatest lesson for me so far, is just how powerful we are:

“There is nothing my holiness cannot do.” ~ Lesson 38
Let such quotes and guidance inspire and transform your life, and know, at all times, that the key is right there, inside your heart!!
Love always,
Natalia Kuna