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Channelled Message with Archangel Michael by Natalia Kuna ~ 2 May 2012

I would like to share my very first official Channelling!

I was recently lucky enough to receive a psychic reading from a well-regarded psychic on an online radio station. She told me that I have the gift of automatic writing so I gave it a go. I have tried it in the past, but nothing really came through. But today was different. While studying The Course in Miracles, I had some enlightening moments about the power we each have and the miracles we are able to perform. I know that my automatic writing today was a result of this study as well as the powerful beings wanting to impart their wisdom and guidance and come through. Here is the lesson which inspired me:

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

The channelling has meaning to me personally, but i know it also relates to many of us at this time. Know that Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael are with us! See below:

Archangel Michael Channelling: 

“My beloved Creator (note: the idea here is that we are each our own Creator, yet a part of The Creator), I come forth to you now. What miracles you seek, and answers doth do come.

Before you now is all the glory of your own soul. Go forth now in Majesty, for majesty is yours, and yours alone. Each to their own. And that which they call home, is nothing but their own. They each  sit on their throne (note: the meaning I get from this is that we each have our own meaning we make in our own minds. We are to learn to set ourselves free from the home we make in our own minds). And together we unite, like a star ever bright. So look out there tonight and see what you ‘know’. For it is in your Heart Ever Grande, and your Soul Ever Light. So go, go forth, get out there tonight, and look at the stars that shine so bright. Envision your soul as a part of the picture. And clues will lay forth and shine your way.

Grace sits before you. The answers you seek are in your own mind – a heaven which you seek.

Come now forth, dear One, and receive the blessings of your own mind, awaiting like jewels on the Nile, and glistening as does your smile.

I am therefore I am. Archangel Michael.

Blessings in disguise, dear One, rain on your promenade. Drink forth as you would lemonade, the sweet blessings before you dear child, for they are sweet and nourishing as honey.

Bare not your own fruits of nectar without your own consent (permission). You are in Divine Truth a Master of your own destiny and Heaven awaits your Glory to be risen, as is he, Jesus Christ of Nazereth. Amen.

Go ahead. Go forth. Come thee hither and reunite the blessings of your own soul with the soul of Christ for he is Almighty and present, as is the Ever Power of Love.

Be here. Be present. Be true in thine own Glory which doth you shine so miraculously as a buttercup.

True blessings stem not from your own mind, but from the universe before you… Let the radiance of your youth guide you each and every step of the way. Go before God and let yourself shine, for thee are a powerful product of beauty and Grace as is Jesus the lord, amen.

And so be it dear child. And I shall come and return again, as did Jesus Christ. Go hither. Go yond. For we are the beings of Light that you seek. We are the beings that of which you speak. Go yond. Go hither and find your way. An angel, a star, a galaxy away. For here we await your Glory Divine, and all shall unfold in earth angel’s time.

Go forth, go quick, and Lead the Way. For once you set free, you go beyond earth’s door. And awaiting are we, with more in store. So pray and leap in bounds and steps, for Heaven awaits with its pearly gates. Go hither, go yond, go forth in Peace. And find what you are looking for in one big piece. For the pieces are small, yet they all meld together. And that’s what I’m here for, to pray together. Go yond, go quick, my innocent child.

You will work wonders, for lots is in store, of that you can be sure. Be you ready.

I am here Ever Present, Archangel Michael. “

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. What did Archangel Michael’s words mean to you personally? If you feel this resonated, or you are intrigued by the whole channelling process, or perhaps you have some experiences or epithanies of your own, drop me a note here or on my Facebook Page (see details below).

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