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My Update:

I have been quiet in my blogs of late. I got unwell in December and since then have been crazy busy with Christmas and all the chaos and wonder of the school holidays with my precious children. I am thoroughly enjoying spending the time with them, and also givng my house a bit of an organisation overhaul!

It has felt right to take the time off from my blogs, You Tube videos etc, and a break from my ‘angel work’ though I am hanging for some quality time to myself. I realise how much energy I put out there and in my readings and liasons, and just how much of an empath I am, so I am fully reflecting on how I want my 2012 to be, and how/where I intend to direct my energies. I am thinking about whether to continue with weekly readings, or do monthly ones instead, or both… I’d love to hear your thoughts! I’ve definately been feeling the theme of January 2012 – so I decided to post an angel message for this month!

Theme of the Month:

This month of January is all about rest, reflection and renewal. Lots of ‘re’ words!! There is also a sweet sensation of etheric mystery and an anticipation of mysterious change stirring in the air. I am getting a huge sense of it being a ‘quiet time’ not only in normal ‘human’ ways, as in to relax, take time out, read, reflect, take a solo walk on the beach etc, but also for your spiritual self and reflecting on the notion that you really are a spiritual being living  in a very human body, experiencing a rollercoaster lifetime on earth (I see you nodding). This is a time for meditation, contemplation and silence. You are preparing and getting ready to spread your wings. You know deep down you are being prepared to fly.  

As you take the time to be quiet; new insights, ideas, peace and clarity will come. An affirmation for you: “My intuitive senses are opening up more and more each day.” (Brian Weiss). Even if you don’t get the answers straight away, feel reassured that they will come. Make sure you write down all your thoughts and take the steps forward that feel right to you, as you are moving towards a more authentic you, and as you reflect in this deep threshold of time, the dawn of the new you awaits. Embrace serenity today and wisdom will follow. 

Your other affirmation for this month: “I am constantly evolving into a more spiritual person.” (Brian Weiss). Know that you are rapidly emerging and evolving into a more loving, authentic, true, compassionate you. All the answers are within.  The doubts and insecurities  of 2011 are washing away.

Get ready to step into your own power as you enter enigmatic 2012. Have the courage to leap forward, knowing that you can guide your own destiny and be the driver of your own life. Old ways are dying and phasing out, so if you have been letting someone or something else take the reigns, the time is now coming to gently kick them to the curb or allow them to sit by your side as your equal. Release and wipe off anything that does not belong to you in truth – other people’s perceptions of you, conditions, old patterns or habits. Let it all go. Affirm that it no longer belongs to you. Time to redefine your divine self, remember who you are, and reclaim your God-given power.

You are being guided to be ‘hooded,’ and there is double play on words about that. In one sense, it signifies wearing a cloak of solitude, silence and connecting to the greater source of wisdom – the all that is. But it also represents the importance of psychic protection and shielding – not taking on other people’s energies, and protecting yourself from the dark, or from fear-based mentality. This also includes staying clear of news items, politics and planetary matters. So visualise wearing an etheric hooded cloak of any colour you wish. Do this morning and night. Be creative and claim it as your own. You are connecting to the power and force within and around you. Any time you do not feel safe or shielded, imagine placing your cloak over your shoulders and your sacred hood over your head. Also stay well-grounded. Take time to go outside, dig your feet into the grass and feel the sensation of nature all around you. Breathe it in, connect and just be.

Breathe in the golden hues of Love and Light now and spread it to all that cross your blessed path. You are moving in the right direction for you.

Namaste, Natalia Kuna

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