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There is a birthing process happening, with some people in full hibernation mode as a baby in its mother’s womb, and other’s springing forth into action, giving birth to new ideas, inspiration, situations and ways of being.

Take a moment to reflect deeply upon which stage of the birthing process you are in. Are you playing it safe or are you venturing forth, or somewhere in between? (I’m getting smiles and nods with that one)… Ask yourself if there is anything you need to know, heal from or do to get to the next part of the sacred process, or are you exactly where you are meant to be? Listen to your body.

There is a feeling of ‘making oneself clear’ in terms of in your communication. Know that you can find ways to lovingly assert yourself. Is there anyone you need to ‘clear the air with’? Get clear about your intentions, goals and desires. Clarify what you want when you are manifesting. Clear the space and people around you, as well as your energy, emotions, mind and body… We are clearing, clearing, clearing… clearing and airing – am I making myself ‘clear’?!

Like a vacuum bag that keeps filling with ‘stuff’, we are wanting to be clearer, brighter, lighter vessels. And the new energies are pushing us forward with this. Ask Archangel Michael to assist you in your ‘vacuuming’. He can vacuum away your fears and energy in general. You can also do this for other people and environments such as your home, school and workplace.

You may also feel a bit overweight, swollen or bloated, much as a pregnant woman. Many of us are feeling burdened as if we are ‘carrying a load’. A timely reminder to do some light exercise, drink plenty of water, eat healthful green foods, keep your digestive system ‘clear,’ rest and look after yourself. Ladies, put yourselves first! Also keep away from chemicals (start thinking about using natural alternatives), and make sure the air you are breathing and the environment you are in is as clean and clear as possible.

When the time feels right for you, take action. Take the time to reflect on your own inner truths so that you can ‘clear the way’ to firstly trust and then follow your own gut (also why a clear gut is important). Clear your solar plexus (chakra or energy centre in your stomach area that governs your intuition and ‘gut knowing’) and surround yourself with lots of bright yellow colour which will also raise your spirits and bring in sunshine vibes of happiness. Sun energy is important too in this clearing process.

Here’s to greater clarity in your life. Clear out. Clear up and clear away!!!

The message is loud and clear: “Get Clear Before the New Year!!”

Happy clearing! ~ Natalia Kuna

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