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Stop worrying!! All is well and everything is going to be fine!! This is what they want us to know, as they surround us with a warm halo of sunshine and a shower of light and prosperity. They are saying: “Be gentle with yourself!” That is so important at this time.

Your heart may ache for old pain, or stirrings in your heart are affecting you currently on some level. Many of you are feeling this quite deeply. There is a lot of emphasis on love-pain, or heart-pain. It is making me feel deeply sad and tearful connecting with it. Some people are carrying anger also associated with this. No matter what happened, or how things have turned out, how someone has treated you or made you feel, there is an acknowledgement of undying love – love that is eternal. Even those who have hurt us are still capable of loving us. They just don’t know any different, and have imperfect ways of showing it. I am getting that this is important to know in relationships. Our partner (or parent etc) can never be ‘perfect’ or exactly what we want or need of them, we have to accept them as they are, and support / deal with them one step at a time, they will learn their lessons in their own time. In the meantime, we are to concentrate on ourselves and our own processes of healing and self care.

For those who have been without a partner and have deep longings for romantic companionship – someone to share life with and connect with on a soul to soul level, I am feeling your  deep heart-yearnings and loneliness so strongly. Some of you are at a point of desperation or despair, or are isolating yourselves I feel.  I am getting that if you are in such a predicament, take great care of yourself, put on some lipstick and jazz yourself up. I’m getting that keeping your faith is vital and will help carry you through. Slowly you will start to feel better and not so empty, lost or sad. They are showing flowers on the horizon. The angels will shower you with rainbow healing light for your love life, all you need to do is ask.

Also in this process we have been getting repetitive signs that we may have been ignoring or putting on hold – these are to give up any kind of addiction or negative habits / patterns /behavioural tendencies, as they rob you of your heart’s true desires. Your heart yearns for love and peace, yet the toxins in your body (whether physical, emotional or mental) are polluting and blocking the flow and are dis-allowing  the good to come in. You can ask Archangel Raphael to pour his copious healing green light over you. Bathe in this green essence and feel the healing beginning to occur. Clear yourself of toxins to cleanse and purify you and also ‘bring you back to earth’ in a more natural state, grounded, pure, and clear. Set the intention to be clearer vessel and to honour your heart’s true desires.

To see what November’s energies are all about, click on this  link  to my You Tube Channel “Magical Intuition”:  http://www.youtube.com/magicalintuition where you’ll find my monthly readings. The December reading will be published soon.

Love and blessings always, Natalia Kuna.

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