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Angel Message for the Week November 21 – 27, 2011:

This week we are told that all we are asking for will happen very soon. In the meantime, we are nudged to finish projects we have started – remnants hanging around that are unfinished. If there is something important that you have started, now is the time to complete it. And that sense of completion will clear the air for you to move forward.

As we continue to ‘let go’ of old entanglements, fear, pain, and anything we’ve been indecisive about, the answers will come for our next step. Hanging on to these things does not serve us, so let go and give it all to God. Watch your troubles float away as you stay calm, at peace,  and in a state of joy and laughter. Time to have a good laugh rather than remaining fixated in worries. This is what the new energies of 11.11.11 are bringing in. It also helps clear our aura and balance / cleanse our chakras for greater energtic well-being. We are also reminded that all we have to learn; all we are yet to be; all we need to know in truth and simplicity is all that Jesus stood for and represents. He is there for us as a beautiful steward of peace, love and the highest  light, showing us in his glorious loving way to open our hearts to love for humankind. Love for all, love and respect for our partners, unconditional love to our children, animals, friends and family around us, and last but not least, love for ourselves.

I have a card pop up again, one of the ones from my November reading on You Tube, (here’s the link if you missed it: http://www.youtube.com/user/magicalintuition?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/Vb0xu7CjZ10). It is making itself known again as a special message for us. There is the notion of each  us being given the gift of ‘ourself’ to ourself. I am hearing from the Ascended Master Ragoczy: “Here, take this. It is you, for you;” as he hands over the delicate, precious, sacred gift of yourself to yourself, the all that you are in truth…  golden, true, pure, authentic, majestic, powerful  and full of fire, passion and Divine alchemic magic. There is human-soul healing around this.  Now is the time to receive this gift of deep knowledge. We have earned this gift as we have been taught so many spiritual truths and have learned such valuable lessons. So enjoy the gift of the real you, more and more unveiled. Know that it is safe to receive this.

In Divine Love and Light always, Natalia Kuna.


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