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Angel Message for the Week November 14 – 20, 2011:

Last week (of the 11/11/11) I was strongly guided to work with the Ascended Masters as they had many messages to pass on and they wanted to make it known that they are with us and guiding us in a way that is currently beyond our sphere of comprehension. Many lightworkers were guided to pay attention to their chakras last week and especially prepare their third eye and crown chakras for receiving psychic information and to be open to the allow in the Divine. I also mentioned this in my monthly reading for November on You Tube (click here if you missed it): http://www.youtube.com/user/magicalintuition?feature=mhee#p/a/u/0/Vb0xu7CjZ10

This week I am guided to focus on Angel Therapy. There is a sense of slowing ourselves down to absorb these new energies and a real sense of therapeutical self-care during this time.

The throat and heart chakras in particular are being highlighted. There are some people who are having physical ailments related to the throat such as coughs and sore throats. As we clear out colds, flus and viruses we are also clearing out emotional and physical toxins from our bodies and we may be feeling sensitive during this time. It goes with the theme of clearing away residue from our past, and many of us are still going through that process. So be aware of anything that comes up, do not hold on to it – be mindful and watch the thoughts float away. Visualise ‘problems’ or ‘past memories’ floating away on leaves so that you disassociate them from yourself and clear them away.

The throat chakra also relates to our self power in terms of communication and expression. So if you are not feeling heard or taken seriously, ask the angels to help you so that you can begin to feel more confident, accepted and at ease to speak and express your truth to all in loving and open ways. Remember no one can squelch your power in truth so don’t let the illusion of certain people or society in general whom you perceive to be ‘controlling you’ get you down. Do not accept that as the truth. As you begin to feel better you will be able to bring back your own power. But it is also up to YOU to pick yourself up.

I am getting the word ‘turmoil’. So if you feel like you or your life or a relationship has been in ‘turmoil’, or if you find yourself thinking that when things appear hard or unjust, or that the world seems to be in turmoil, please try to stop your thoughts in their tracks and turn them around. Remember, we are now in an accelerated phase in time where our thoughts manifest into reality much more rapidly. Your wings may feel heavy, teared or burdened but they are preparing to heal and fly again. And earth is cleansing and healing.

The heart chakra represents what we are now learning and experiencing more than ever. It is all about the heart. As we become more heart-centred and focus on all people, the planet and situations with love and peace, we will see shifts happening. The energies are here to support us in being stewards of love. You are reminded that for any questions you have, or decisions to make, look in your heart, where all the answers lie. So put your mind aside and tune into your heart now. What is it telling you?

I am seeing an image of the sun, so go outside and take in the sun which is filled with warmth and love energy. We are also told to think about all the colours of the rainbow. Did you know that they represent, in order, all of our main chakras! So be in tune with your energy centres, do some chakra clearing, and look at all the colours around you. What do you notice? If you are drawn to a  particular colour, work with it. Breathe it in, wear shades of it, surround yourself with it. Does it correspond to a particular chakra? What is it telling you? Put more colour into your life! You can also do that with fresh flowers.

This is a period of adjustment as we move into this new paradigm of peace and love on earth. So be open to giving and receiving love to all who cross your path. Time to not give or take negative energy from others. Time to rid of old mentality  about ‘enemies’ or old ‘pips’ with people. Drop all your defences and old habits. Rid of that old way of being and walk and breathe in love and light. You WILL notice the difference. Try it today, even by visualising someone whom you have been have ‘issues’ with. Send them love and well wishes from your heart. Set that intention now.

We are guided to listen to our own intuitive feelings. They will bring joy, peace and harmony into our lives. Take notice of your body – not just the chakras as mentioned above, but also any reactive feelings or sensations you get such as shivers, tingles, or flutters in your stomach. Your body is like an antennae and it is receiving accurate messages from the Divine. Tune into it now. What is it telling you? There is much white light around this, a sign from Spirit that we are on the right track and are blooming (even if we can’t see it yet) so take care of yourself and your body, which is your own vessel, your temple of the Divine. You are your own church, your own house of love, light and divinity. Know and express all that you are now.

I am shown a picture of a waterfall gently trickling down with Divine white light, which I am feeling represents the beauty and gentleness inside of you, as well as a sign that things are flowing and in positive motion. Visualise white cleansing and healing light moving and flowing through you like a waterfall shower. Picture it flowing through you from your crown chakra (just above your head) right down
your body to your feet which connect you to Mother Earth. So use this energy tool to refreshen your spirit and cleanse your aura. It is a gift from heaven!

Love and blessings, Namaste. Natalia Kuna.

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