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Angel Message for the Week November 7 – 13 (11/11/11):

This is a powerful week in human history as we approach the momentous spiritual date 11/11/11. There is nothing to fear – all is well and in fact super exciting, as we enter a stepping stone period of spiritual enlightenment on earth.

On this date, a celestial portal is opening up and we will be able to tune into higher levels of consciousness and heighten our psychic ability as we enter heart-truth.

I wish to share something that I have not revealed before. When I do these weekly messages, it is like something takes hold of me (in a positive spiritual way), and messages come through as if my fingers are guided by higher beings as I type. It is a fluid, knowing, connected process, a combination of my own intuitive process and something far greater entering my stream of consciousness. I know that I am connecting to a higher mystical source of pure Light and Love, the same one ever-present for us all: the ‘Divine’.

So for this uber sacred phase in our earthly calendar, there is a titanic emphasis on going inwards and envisioning the light not only from within yourself, but also the outwards shining light of millions of awakening heart-centred, trusting souls – those whose souls have a deep yearning and instinctual sense that something mammoth is happening on a universal, spiritual level. You are being asked to envision the light of millions of lightworkers sending love and light to the planet, galaxies and all of humanity / existance.

It is important that you spend time in ‘sacred space’, whether that be your own space that you hold for yourself (see this link for ideas: http://www.nataliakuna.com/create-a-sacred-space.html ), or another external sacred space such as a church, temple or power site. It could even be the ocean or somehwere out in nature. I cannot express enough how much of a kind of duality between yourself and the ‘unity’ of an uncountable, colossal group of limitless souls coming together there is, and it is growing in numbers daily!

So the emphasis is on connecting with the Divine, whichever way you wish to do so. I am also getting a very maternal sense of the ‘divine feminine’ coming through with Mother Mary and Mary Magdaline, again reiterating, revealing, and unveiling the sense of duality of the ‘self’ in relation and ones image and perception. What I am getting is that the societal facade views, expectations and identity crisis of modern society will be challenged and peeled away as we reveal a more naked feminine truth connected  to the heart of Gaia. I feel that keys are being given to open new doors. This is a long awaited, pre-destined time and harks back to connections from ‘Jesus times’. I feel that secret societies of the Light are there behind the scenes, amongst etheric beings of light in dimensions above us such as ascended masters and the angelic realm.

I am seeing a treasure box about to open, being placed on a sacred altar, and ready for new light to shine upon us, emblematic of the coming golden dawn approaching. It is sealed, yet it waits to be opened. Picture that image now, and also visualise it for yourself personally – that you are a sacred chest about to be revealed for all its glory. There is a sense of unity between the worlds / space / time / dimensions, as a bridging of existance at all levels is provided, a bridging together of the multi-realms of light energy.

There is a clear, direct message to not only hold our own light and space, but also that of humanity and earth in your hands. There is a symbolic theme of light, fire, and a harking back to creation and magic. Like a kind of ‘alchemic activation’, we are being drawn to do what feels natural to us and it is working on such a powerful etheric level. Sacred keys are being turned and tuned as divining forks, with secret symbols and coding to be revealed, dna to be activated, and the curtain preparing to draw open, like a grande theatre of the truth that exists in our hearts. And we are on the stage of earth waiting for the next Divine acts to unfold.

As the fire burns; truth, justice, wisdom and innocence is shined upon, and all beings of the historic and ‘mythical’ past known in literature and legends such as Gods, Goddesses and Masters, get ready to fire their bow and arrow as a hallmark of the universal spiritual target about to be reached. I am captured by a symbolic vision of the sky turning to fire, the sun and solar flares having a sacred significance as our passion and heart-soul is ignited.

We are being reassured that we are being spiritually protected in all ways. We are to know and trust that our loved ones are safe.  Stand your ground. Do not back down. Hold your space. And as a preclude to this grande phenonemon, release all that no longer serves you.

For more information about this auspicious day and what to do to prepare for it, watch my recent You Tube video which is my Monthly Angel Reading for  November 2011: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb0xu7CjZ10

Namaste, Natalia Kuna                www.nataliakuna.com

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