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Angel Message for the Week  31 October – 6 November

Welcome to November, the 11th month of 2011. We are entering a significant time of change. We are being asked to pay attention to our thoughts and keep them positive, as what we think is more rapidly manifesting into our lives. We are also going through a lot of clearing and releasing of old patterns, so please take time to think about any past events or people you have conflict with and work on forgiving and letting go (see my related blog on this topic: https://nataliakuna.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/forgiveness-letting-go/). This is extremely important so that we can clear ourselves and prepare ourselves for the new energies coming in. We are nearing a time of heightened awareness and spiritual growth as we approach the powerful date of 11.11.11. I will be writing about this soon, so stay tuned.

This week, if you have been feeling confused or indecisive, rest it out. You may not have all the information you need right now. But know  it will come, when the energy is right. In the meantime you can do some research. You don’t need to feel rushed into making any decisions.

You are reminded that you are protected from all types of harm and I want to say that if you keep yourself in this mindset, expecting only light and protection, that is what you will get. So please don’t buy into any illusions of fear or darkness. Remember the acronym for FEAR: ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. And this is one of the greatest lessons we have to learn and overcome. It is also a key for our future. Know that the worst is behind you. You are safe. So relax in the thought.

I also feel guided to tell you to wear a crystal pendant or a special necklace/ piece of jewellery of significance to you. You can even carry crystals with you for protection, comfort and whatever  their qualities / energies they are waiting to give to you. And they are waiting. I am very drawn to the symbol of hanging objects such as chimes; bells; dream catchers; shiny, natural or reflective objects (such as glass, metal, shells) hanging on the outside of your house.  There is something very sacred, protective and powerful in these ‘power objects.’ Spend time around such areas or your veranda and contemplate their presence.

Remember that all answers you seek are in your heart! You are stepping away from the darkness and the past, so keep the faith as you step forward into the ‘unknown.’ I am being told from a powerful higher light presence: “You KNOW what do and you WILL know.” So let go of all fears, and know that you will know with surety, gut knowing and conviction. Reclaim your power and focus on your solar plexus chakra in your stomach which governs your gut instincts and ‘knowing’. Pay attention to any vibes, tingles, flutters or clenching sensations you get there. Follow your intuition always. As I write this, there is the continued feeling of ‘something to come’ so I look forward to the mystically empowering and magical times ahead.

Love and blessings, Natalia Kuna.

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