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Forgiveness Heals the Heart of old Wounds.” ~ Natalia Kuna

WHY FORGIVE? Forgiveness is such and important key in our personal and spiritual development. We must learn to forgive and let go as hanging on to old pain only lowers our energy as well as our mental, emotional and spiritual state. It drags us down and hinders our growth and development. It is truly toxic in every way. It exasperates negative thinking, adding fuel to the fire. It can cause issues in relationships. It provides perceived ‘limitations’ rather than offer love, acceptance and ‘freedom.’

By forgiving, we allow healing, growth, and a new way of seeing. It provides a powerful ‘shift’ in how you view yourself, others and the world. Many people think that by forgiving someone who hurt them terribly, they are in essence saying: “What you did is okay.” This is not the case, when you forgive, you are really saying :“What you did is not okay, but I forgive and release you and this experience so that I no longer carry all the the effects of your actions.” You are in effect releasing the person and the situation from your life and severing any ties that bind you in any way. It is like cutting the cord between you – letting go, releasing, saying good bye. The sooner we forgive and let go of all burden, the sooner we are free to fly.

“The act of forgiveness is the act of  returning to present time. And that’s why  when one has become a forgiving person, and has managed to let go of the past,  what they’ve really done is they’ve shifted their relationship with  time.” ~ Caroline Myss


It is incredible how many people have hidden feelings of self-blame, guilt, shame or regret. If you search deep down inside your private inner world, you will recognise some of these qualities in yourself. Think about how much they affect your self-thoughts and self-perception. Do they stop you from connecting with people or doing things? It is definately time to let them go!

Forgiveness  is the key to action and freedom.”  ~ Hannah Arendt


Are you carrying old pain and unforgiveness in your heart about certain people or  particular experiences that you’ve endured? Are you harbouring old perceptions and die hard habits of ‘victimhood’ and blame?

Think about all people from your present life as well as your past who have hurt, squelched or disempowered you in any way. You know who has pressed your buttons, and I bet you already have at least one person in mind!

“The forgiving state of mind is a magnetic power for attracting good.” ~ Catherine Ponder


1. Think of the person/situation in your mind.

2. Remember to breathe through the process! Allow yourself time to release and heal.

3. You may wish to write a letter or note to the person (you don’t need to send it – it’s all about releasing your feelings and attachment to the pain, and letting it go via the writing process), or say what you want either verbally or in your mind. You can pour your heart out and say all the things youv’e been wanting to say or that have built up inside you, up to you how you go about it. Be honest. Be specific.

4. Then, say something along the lines of “I forgive and release you and your actions in all directions of time NOW! I am no longer willing to carry any pain or negative thoughts or feelings about you as I recognise they are about you, and not me.”  You may wish to burn your letter or if you are doing this verbally or in your mind,  you could light a candle. It is also very healing and cathartic to go to the beach and do your releasing standing on the ocean’s edge! Throw a symbolic item or your couldron ashes into the sea and watch them float away. You are releasing negative energy away from yourself. You can also visualise the angels taking away your letter or issue to heaven, knowing that your prayers will be answered.

5. Call upon God or the angels and other sentient beings of light to help lift you up so that you can have peace, forgiveness and compassion in your heart and see the light and goodness in each person, no matter what the circumstances or past history is. Start to recognise any time you may fall into old habits or patterns of thinking. Have compassion for yourself and others and see with eyes of ‘light’ and ‘love’. We all have that  divine spark, purity and goodness within us.  When you see with the eyes of love and forgiveness and remain in a state of calm and peacefulness, people and situations around you will noticeably ‘shift’ as if by magic.  You will notice the difference. Be the change you want in your life. It all starts with YOU. It is a matter of perception, attitude and choice.

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that  person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.  Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” ~ Catherine Ponder

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