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Angel Message for the Week October 24 – 30, 2011:

This week we are very aware and taking notice of activism happening on a global and even local scale. What comes to the forefront are the ‘Occupy’ protests spreading across the globe. There is a huge  emphasis on true activism and standing up for what you believe in. You are being called to shine your light and speak up in truth with peace, dignity and authenticity. Get involved in any cause you believe in. Have faith that God is lighting your path and you are free and safe to be all you really are in truth.

Stand in your power and reclaim your strength and true identity. Stand up for your values and beliefs. Voice your opinion, showing that you will not stand for anything not of integrity. Times are changing, people are standing up and their voices will be heard, even though they may seem tamed, covered up or veiled in illusion / confusion at times (for example protesters and their causes are conveyed a certain way by media that does not necessarily match the truth of the real matters at heart). Be aware of illusions.

You may wish to turn away from some of it, or feel like protecting your own sensitive heart. There is a huge emphasis on the ‘heart’ and the ‘heart of the matter’ at the core. There is a double message permeating the peaceful protests and group meditations which offer keys and doorways, glimpses to the ‘Golden Age.’ We are on the eve of  the horizon and we are returning to the heart. Saint Teresa (Mother Teresa) is coming through as an honorary role model and guide. She is joyous with the changes taking place. She asks that we follow our hearts, believe in our goodness and trust in our instincts.

Current movements are vital as the dark and shadows disintegrate and show themselves for what they really are, facades and illusions at the precipice of crumbling. We are getting back to the basics, reclaiming ancient ways and wisdom, and standing ready for truth to be revealed. And in this process of light and rebirth penetrating old worn surfaces, you are encouraged to unveil and walk forward with an open heart and mind, fully trusting in the universe. You are safe in any travels or movement of any kind. There will be someone or something lighting your path, one step at a time.

As much as you are being called to stand forward, there is also a sense of standing back and retreating, or observing. Welcome to the world of duality! You may feel there are mystical glimpses of things coming, coded signs and signals, and a deep inner sense of ‘anticipation’; but at the same time answers and keys feel clouded and shrouded in mystery. When you feel like your life is on hold, embrace the moment, surrender  and don’t push anything. Wisdom and answers will come, it’s okay to stay idle. It’s like we are on ‘stand by’ or on the ‘sidelines’ and if you tune in and allow your inner voice to be heard, you will be aware of this.

There is a huge emphasis on many hidden secrets waiting to reveal themselves and make themselves known. Some wage wars, some stand by. But underlining this period of duality and seeming confusion is great structure and purpose and we are being steered and stewarded towards a new paradigm and way of being. ‘Society’ is being challenged. It is seething under the skin and waiting to pop through, at just the right moment, and it will. In stages.

I want to make the analogy of the ole fruit tree in your backyard. You tend to it and visit it, admire it, feel the fruit with your fingers, but it’s not quite the right time. You look forward to the day the fruit is ready to pick and eat, but you know it is not now, and so you avoid the temptation which you also know will be disappointing. You know to wait. It is worth it and you will be rewarded well! And with this symbolic analogy, we are also being guided to eat healthily. Many of us have been getting intuitive impulses or repeated signs to make smarter food and drink choices, and to eat greener raw natural foods (fruit and vegetables, nuts etc) full of pure nutrients and vitamins that provide vital energy and light. It is time. Following this guidance will put us in good stead and bring much joy, raised energy, and even greater clarity. So that when the ‘time comes’ we are ready and ripe, as are the fruits before you.

Namaste, Natalia Kuna.

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