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Angel Message for the Week: October 17 – 23, 2011:  

Archangel Michael  is with us this week, helping with any situation you may be in. You can call upon him to give you courage, faith and peace, and help you let go of any residue you may be hanging on to.

You are asked to check in and make sure that you have forgiven yourself and are not blaming yourself for any perceived wrong-doings. In the eyes of God you have done nothing wrong and you  need to take that stand too. You may have regrets, guilt or unforgiveness towards yourself or others. So Let go of self-blame, guilt and regrets, as they carry such negative toxic energy that is unhealthy for your mind, body and spirit, not to mention your emotional wellbeing! Ask Archangel Michael to cut cords with any old toxic energy that is dragging you down and keeping you living in fear and illusion. He will also help you find peace and forgiveness and allow you to feel centred – something many of us are craving!

I see many people feeling like they are really leaving an ‘old way’ behind, or at least feel ready to do so (or almost), and it is such a great feeling of  relief and joy. It is like you want to say “Goodbye, Charlie!” There is a powerful feeling of you charging ahead victoriously, leaving the old, worn and the dark behind, and welcoming new fresh light and possibilities of unlimited potential; so it is vital to believe in yourself, and your power, wisdom and light. Even if you cannot see the whole picture yet, that is okay. You are encouraged to take a leap of faith and trust. Let go of any pre-conceptions and old / habitual limiting beliefs. Know that the angels and universe have ways of delivering messages and miracles. You will see and hear the answers, so keep asking and keep looking. Any ideas you receive are answers to your prayers. You can ask god and the angels to help you tap into your inner wisdom!

I feel Archangel Michael really encouraging and reassuring us that we are on the right path, and that there is a lighter, brighter path ahead. What I am hearing are the words: “There are no mistakes.” The message  is coming in so strongly and the message couldn’t be clearer. Say the words repetitively to yourself, and really believe them to be true. For some of us this will be hard because of the pain that we have put ourselves through with our constantly berating or even hidden self-thoughts. This is a really important part of our process. We must be willing and ready to forgive ourselves and others to allow positive shifts to happen and bring about the change we are hungering for.

And last, but not least, Archangel Michael is wanting to convey to you to keep shining your light ever so brightly, do not let it dim, but if it does, that’s okay, it will expand,
grow and flourish again. But we need to be conscious and aware. It is a reminder to keep our faith and focus on the light and also on truth and justice, which will prevail. There is a strong emphasis on justice being served – fairness for all people involved, and much light on any situation needing to be resolved.

Sounds like an interesting week ahead.  Take notice of what this guidance means for you, so that you can better prepare and clear yourself for all the wonderful new light-filled opportunities ahead. Archangel Michael is there for us, all we need to do is ask for his celestial assistance and divine protection.

Natalia Kuna.

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