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Angel Message for the Week October 10 – 16, 2011:

This week, you are being told that there is sunshine peeking through the clouds. After a lot of difficult times, we are beginning to see a peak, and things are starting to open up for us. Can you feel this? The feeling is that there is currently a pause, a kind of suspension of time, where we get a ‘glimpse‘ of what is to come or at least a feeling that something is coming and stirring in our pots. This phase is leading to our future where we shall plunge gleefully into new energies and fresh, aligned opportunities. Earth is being watched over, protected, and higher beings are awaiting for certain things to fall into place for our human benefit, and they shall!

You are being ‘prepared‘ for major life changes and blessings that will literally turn your world around and bring you such joy – just remember it is coming, but it is “not yet” I am hearing. There is so much light to come. For now, in this interim period, find ways to bring laughter and relaxation into your life. Enjoy some solitude and rest, and indulge in some personal self-care. Take a giant bubble bath, and just relax – you deserve it!

Stay in a state of expecting miracles during this time, as they are coming, so keep putting your dreams and desires out there and talking to the fairies, angels, God, or whichever beings of the light that you resonate with. Make sure that you also surround yourself with only positive people and situations. Avoid any negative people or scenarios which bring you down or clash with you. Choose love, or simply ‘opt out’ of conversations and dramas that do not serve your higher good. Time out! You’ll feel better for it and glad you chose not to buy into the negative energy of illusion and drama.  I feel guided to share with you an energy technique of imagining an invisible rubbish bin next to you where as soon as you get dumped with any negative thoughts, people, environments or experiences, just literally push the negative energy away and into the bin with your hand in swooping motions and with your intention. Keep your energy high and clear, and your environment positive.

You are also being reminded that there will be a full moon this week, so prepare for a new transformative time to come. Don’t forget to place your crystals and oracle cards out in the moon to recharge in the moon’s powerful cleansing energy. Think about what you wish to release from your life such as negative friendships, financial lack, addictions or emotional entanglements so that you have a fresh clean state to start with.

Love and blessings, Natalia Kuna.

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