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Angel Message for the Week: October 3 – 9, 2011

For this week, doing something creative will let you express yourself including emotions and other  things buried deep inside you that you may otherwise be fearful of coming out. Taking the time to paint, draw, do something musical,  or anything creative that you enjoy  helps you step out of  your current ‘mindset’ and any feelings of being trapped, stuck, sad, bottled up, or anything else you may be going through personally. If there is something that you have been wanting to create or get ‘out there’ (such as a You Tube video for example)  but have lacked the confidence or felt you had no time, make the time to do it NOW! Even if it’s just sharing your artwork.  Unleash yourself creative self and see what happens, even if it just for therapeutical purposes or is an escape for you. Do something fun with kids or pets if they are around you, but make sure you also do something for yourself that is true to YOUR heart.

You might find that you lend your ear to others and act as a kind of counsellor to those in need. A friend or loved one may need you in this way. Know that your light and presence is soothing and helpful to others, and you can be of great service by listening and guiding! You have natural healing abilities in your own special way, so tap into those now. Know that you can heal others.

There is a huge emphasis on changes in career. You are being steered in a new direction that fulfils your heart more and brings you much needed joy, passion and prosperity. So believe in yourself and know that you deserve and can implement the change in your life that you crave. You KNOW this DEEP INSIDE… The only limitation is in your mind! If you have been thinking about making a career change or any change in terms of work, then this is a validation that your thoughts are correct and the universe will support you. Even if your career change is gradual, you are taking steps towards your dreams. So do not be afraid, let go of any doubts of insecurities, and look forward to the new paths before you!

Much love and light to you this week,

Natalia Kuna.

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