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Angel Message for the Week: Sept 26 – Oct 02, 2011

This week we are going through some challenging times energetically. There are solar flares (which basically are gaseous magnetic storms on the sun) affecting us on a biological level.  Physical manifestations may include unusual body-aches, headaches, heaviness, dizzy spells, erratic changes in energy, extreme tiredness, insomnia and strange dreams. Other symptoms that many of us are feeling include: general emotional and mental instability; sadness and sorrow that you might not be able to put a finger on, feelings of uneasiness, nervousness, restlessness and general weirdness! You may have a heightened sense of stress, anxiety, tension, agitation and general fogginess. With this comes a kind of extra sensory perception that some kind of covert ‘change’ is in the air.

Know that old feelings will come up to the surface to be released and shed for the new to come in. And the cards promise a brighter, freer, and LIGHTER future! So relax your shoulders knowing that a lot of weight will be lifted. You are being asked to stop worrying and take good loving care of yourself (such as by taking a warm, relaxing bath with healing salts). Know that this shall pass! You can turn things around! It can all start with a loving, positive thought, some time for yourself, and keeping away from people who set off your triggers in a negative way. Cocooning yourself is a natural protective barrier when intense energies abound.  All is well!! Remember that you are a channel for Divine healing power, so step into your goddessness / God-given strength, and command / stand in your full Divine power. And don’t forget to ground and anchor yourself.

I keep hearing the words:  “Do what you love” repetitively, so drop your dishes, and do something that you deeply enjoy that brings peace, healing and joy to your heart.

During this time, as challenging as it may be, be careful what you think. Keep your intentions focused on whatever your true targets are. Think of your goals, dreams and desires as a dart board full of ever expanding circles, but with your eye firmly on the bull’s eye, focused and unwavering! Know, as you shoot your arrow or throw your dart, that you WILL succeed and attain your goal! So have faith that your baby project / idea / desire will manifest! Your prayers have been listened to and are being answered in Divine and unexpected ways, so step out of your own way and expect a miracle! This is a good time to call upon Mother Mary. I feel that she is asking you to talk with her, maybe light a candle, and she will be with you, giving her maternal, eternal support, love and wisdom.

God Bless, and feel free as always, to leave a comment or ask any questions.

Love, light and blessings, Natalia Kuna

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