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Angel Message for the Week: September 19 – 25, 2011

The angels are saying it is beneficial to be around flowers, the garden, anywhere out in nature enjoying the outdoors – reflecting, and entering a natural, meditative, contemplative state so that ideas and inspiration can come.  This can also include using flower essences or incense,  aromatherapy or natural products. There seems to be a concurrent Spring theme happening over the last week or so. The angels are saying that being out in nature helps to open your heart, and as many people are presently having issues with the heart, such as old emotional pain coming up to the surface, or general emotional sensitivity. Being outdoors will help you feel safe, comforted and protected, and also act as a natural form of healing.

I am getting the direct sense that there are alot of people struggling at the moment, with feeling like they are not able to move forward, and this also includes, but is not limited to, financial burden or insecurities. It is like you have so many ideas and desires, deep-seated yearnings; but because of all the planetry / earth changes and shifts, you are feeling vulnerable, trapped, stagnant or uncertain.

The angels say its okay, this is a process that we need to go through. They are there supporting you. Go out to ocean or anywhere in nature, and really connect.  They acknowledge it is hard, but they are really encouraging you to go for your hearts dreams. You can do it! There is a real sense of your dreams actually becoming a reality – notice how when you say it in the present tense, as if it is happening now, that the universe and the law of Attraction is behind you. Do not say “One day I’ll do it!”. Instead, visualise it as happening NOW, using all your senses! This is really important, and one of the principle keys of manifestation! Once you do this, things will start to fall into place, especially with regard to your life purpose, and new opportunities will present themselves! Follow your hearts desires and any guidance / ideas that may come, and new golden opportunities will present themselves to you! Divine magic is working in your favour, with extra magical energy surrounding you. So visualise your dreams right now and be in the state of expecting them to come, and expect miracles!

The angels are there behind the scenes waiting for you to ask them for help, but they can only help if you ask. Once you pray and talk to the angels, then move yourself and your own ego, doubts, fears, worries, sense of blocks, failure, or whatever it is for you, right out of the way. Keep affirming positively and in the present tense what your wishes are, and let the magic happen behind the scenes! Have absolute faith that your prayers will be answered and that your desires are manifesting! You WILL be victorious! Just don’t quit before the miracle gets a chance to kick in, and don’t forget to let go and get out of your own way; as the angels are reassuring you that your prayers are being heard and answered right this minute!

There is also a call for all of us to act as teachers, in whatever way that we can. The image I am drawn to is that of children sitting on the floor looking up to the teacher and really listening to what she has to say. The impression I am getting is that whatever young people (whether children or young adults) might be around you, take the opportunity to share your experiences and be inspirational and motivational to them. There is the feeling of being like a mentor. Know that you do have alot of information, guidance and wisdom to offer and share with young people, so make the effort to do so, whomever your audience might be!

Thank you for reading my angel message for this week. There was a definate flow, connection and theme happening, so I look forward to seeing what the angels have to say next week! I would love to hear your feedback, and how any parts of the message resonate with you. Have a beautiful week ahead!

Love and Blessings, Natalia Kuna.

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