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Angel Message for the Week:  September 5-11, 2011

This week some of you will be having psychic or mystical experiences where you feel a connection to the Divine, and you may be doing some spiritual work or having spiritual learning experiences in dreamtime. Stay psychically open and pay attention to your dreams and any thoughts, ideas or insights this week.

Spend some time alone meditating, contemplating,  praying and studying. Sit in stillness and get out into nature if you can. Being Spring, those of you in the southern hemisphere will particularly benefit from being outside in nature and amongst greenery and wildlife. There is a sense of freshness, as if to say that by spending time contemplating, you will receive fresh ideas and be ready for your next course.

Any intuitive hunches or gut feelings that you get are correct and so what I am seeing is that following your time of  idleness and contemplation time, will be the next step of taking action –  sewing the seeds of new green pastures. There is a definite sense of the preparation of something ahead, like you are starting to put certain things into motion, or leading to this. This can also include eating healthily (again, there is the play of the word  ‘greenery’) and exercising.

Each morning, take the time to say positive affirmations and set your intentions clearly for the day. This will cause you to place positive energy into your psyche, and also create what I am seeing as an energy whirlpool that will set your goals into affirmative motion.

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Best wishes, Natalia Kuna

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