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Gratitude is an important quality to have and feel on a daily basis. Being grateful and thankful ensures that you are coming from place of love and appreciation for life and the people and things around you. It opens up the heart and makes you feel more happy, contented, connected and optimistic. This attitude of positivity sets your day off in the best way possible, and triggers off more joy, prosperity and abundance of good in your life.

You will draw more positive and healthy experiences and people in your life, as gratitude raises your frequencies and acts as a powerful magnet for attracting back what you put out via the formidable Law of Attraction. Therefore, you will receive more good and things to be grateful for.

Putting it simply, if you feel ungrateful , jealous or that you don’t have ‘enough’ (we call this ‘lack mentality’), the universe will automatically respond by giving you more
negative experiences and therefore you will stay in that state of negative mentality, emotion and ungratefulness. So you will be blocked with obstacles rather than moving swiftly ahead attracting positive experiences as you maintain a heightened state of joy and an endless flow of prosperity and good.

See my blog “A Month of Gratitude”  https://nataliakuna.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/a-month-of-gratitude-challenge/ to learn how to apply gratitude in your every day life and also to challenge yourself to begin a month’s long gratitude project.

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