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Lightworkers are on our planet during this amazing period of spiritual transformation and rebirth. They are healers, writers, teachers, counsellors, environmental or charity workers, or even the lady at the checkout of the local grocery store who makes you smile and feel connected to the world, through one pleasant interaction. So lightworkers are anywhere and everywhere. They are sprouting all over the globe like seeds of light. You can only imagine what that view looks like from the angels perspective!

Lightworkers feel a deep inner knowing and unmistakable sense of calling that they have a sacred, global mission upon earth, and are compelled to make a difference in the world. They have an overwhelming desire to help people and Mother Earth and play their part in bringing about peace, harmony, acceptance and oneness. They are generally caring, open, compassionate and non-judgemental people with a variety of gifts and individual purposes.

Lightworkers are very immersed with their life purpose, and due to their often empathic sensitivities, they can be greatly affected by not only other people’s energies, but also the world’s, including news events, weather, and earth changes. They have a very heightened sense of awareness on many levels, like an inner and outer radar, and are extremely intuitive and spiritually oriented. They require a lot of  self care and spiritual grounding, centering, psychic protection and spiritual healing. They do much lightwork behind the scenes  such as sending earth and its inhabitants rays of Divine love and light through prayers, energy work, meditations and connecting with Higher Beings.

It is by no coincidence that people around the world are waking up with an instinctual sense that change is in the air, and the inner knowing that they have a greater purpose and mission upon Earth.  The shifts are happening and we are starting to remember who we really are, Divine beings of Love and Light. And we are not alone.

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