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Our lives and relationships will transform dramatically when we fully accept and comprehend, without exception, that what we think about, is what we get. Why? Because words vibrate. The old saying “careful what you wish for” is by no coincidence! The science of this, is that our thoughts expand. So it is in our best interests to think about and focus on what we want, rather than what we do not want. In a nutshell, our thoughts create our reality, and so we attract to ourselves what we are thinking. If you intend to have a bad day, well guess what, that’s what you’ll get! So get into the habit of setting intentions for yourself every day, it will at the least put you in good stead, not to mention spirits! You are the driver of your own life and how you want to live it. So invest in peaceful, loving and positive thoughts and think well of yourself and others, places and  situations.


The Law of Attraction is one of the immutable Universal Laws that have existed since Creation. The basic premise is that “like attracts like” therefore what you put out is what you get, and this includes our thoughts especially, not just our actions! The reason for this is that all matter and energy has a vibration and is attracted to anything that is like it. It acts like a magnet.

The Law of Attraction is there right now, in its neutral stance, delivering to you the thoughtforms that you are yourself exuding. Once you understand this, and see examples of how this is working in your life, both in positive and negative ways, then you can start to take control of what you think and give out, in order to not only receive what you wish, but also to improve your life and way of thinking in general. By understanding and using the Law of Attraction in positive ways, you will become a better person living a fuller, and healthier life with a positive mindset. This new attitude sparks an embryonic positive vibration within you, where if maintained and nurtured, the good things that you wish for will be attracted and thus supplied to you.


The dictionary definition of ‘manifest’ actually reveals the secret of manifestation. As a verb, ‘manifest’ denotes something as clearly shown, revealed or displayed. When talking about a disembodied spirit, it represents appearing into visible form. So manifestation of what we wish for  literally is, the physical (re)action of our mental and emotional desires coming into material actualisation.

It is also interesting to note that the word ‘manifest’ as a noun can represent a list of items/cargo in transportation vehicle such as a ship, train, truck or plane. When we manifest, we make a list (even if it is just mentally), or we may display images in the form of a vision board. If something is ‘manifest’, it means it is clear, palpable, evident and distinct. We can apply this to manifestation in that your orders / lists / wishes / intentions need to be clear and also imagined with the senses as if real and tangible.

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