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It All Starts with YOU:

You need to really believe and feel that you deserve all good, that you are worthy of  receiving, and that you are entitled to your celestial inheritance that in truth is limitless and abundant.

So regularly say affirmations such as:

    • I am worthy.
    • I deserve.
    • The universe is puring blessings of abundance my way.

How to Ask

Focus on the ‘what’ and not the ‘how.’

Affirm, act, feel and think as if it already exists, in the present tense , like it is already happening right now, not that it ‘is coming’, or ‘will come’, as in that case it will always ’be coming’ and will never actually arrive. That’s right, it’s all in the way you think about it. The trick is, that when you act as if you already have the things you want, and show genuine gratitude affirmed in the present tense (even if you don’t actually
have them yet); the Law of Attraction will work on the frequency of your thoughts and feelings of gratitude that you are sending out. So it will give you those things, as it does not know that you don’t already have them. It is all about thought, energy and materialisation.

Use all your senses – see, feel, smell and hear your wish. Take time to visualise it.

Make Sure your Request Matches Your Vibration

In order for financial flow to occur, you must be in alignment. Do not try to force anything or control outcomes and processes. That’s a bit like trying to push toothpaste into a tube!

Try asking for smaller things first and one at a time, before you try for bigger things. That’s a good way to learn, practise and be comfortable with it till you step in the flow.

Manifest things that you are passionate about.

Stay Positive

Say daily positive affirmations /prayers.

Anticipate in a positive way (with joy, and buy the use of positive language).

Do not doubt.


Give thanks. Show gratitude for all you have and reflect upon it daily. Eg: “Thank you, I am so grateful for…“ The energy of appreciation activates the law of increase to work in your favour. We  can also do this by looking for the good in people and things and praising them from your heart.  This shall attract more blessings into your life.

Try asking for what you wish in the morning and giving thanks for it before you go to bed. Continue to do this every night.

Give without fear, and unconditionally, meaning without expecting anything In return. When you do give, it should be with utter joy and love in your heart. This opens you up to receiving more and creates an absolutely positive flow of energy so that you too can become a receptacle of good. This is known as the ‘Law of Circulation’ and also includes giving to those in need such as charity. The act of tithing is well known and basically means giving 10 % of your earnings to away. Not all of us are able to do that,  so giving what you can, as regularly as you can is a great start, even if that means dropping a few coins in a charity money box at the local bank or shops. Or, you can always give your time or expertise away. Even a smile, helpful gesture or kind word to a friend or stranger is of loving, giving energy. And the more you give, the more you will attract in return in magical ways (it’s like the pleasant side of karma)!

You can even go to the extreme of blessing any bills, or say a simple blessing each time you give money. Some people write ‘BRM’ (meaning bless-return-multiply) on their cheques! Makes sense when you think about it, it is a healthy attitude to adopt in how you look at money and supply, and it is a good habit to get into.

NURTURE IT ~ Continue to Add Energy…

    • Add energy to your request every day. You can always ask God / Source / angels to help you bring your desired goal into form, all you need to do is ask sincerely.
    • Try writing your request and placing on your sacred altar.
    • Look forward to your request with positive expectations.
    • Share your wishes with only good faithful friends who will remain positive and encouraging. Do not share your dreams and wishes with negative or jealous people who will only drag you down and cause you to doubt yourself. Sharing in positive ways helps you give voice to them and anchor the energy of their actualisation!

MAINTAIN HIGH VIBRATIONS ~ Stay in a state of Joy

    • Be and come from a place of joy!
    • Joy and happiness raises your vibrations. You can also do this through dance, music and meditation.
    • Be passionate about what you are manifesting. Your wish needs to match your desire and your vibrations.

Allow, Detach & Let Go

It is important to detach from your desires in order to attract them freely. So that means letting go and allowing he change and blessings to happen. Do not control ‘how’, let it take you by surprise.

Doreen Virtue has a good analogy for this: when you order something in a restaurant to eat, do you follow the waiter to the kitchen to make sure it gets cooked? No, you trust in the process that it will come, and it does!

Have fun manifesting!

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