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Angel Message for the Week: August 15 – 21, 2011

Make the time to write something  that you have been thinking about, whether it is a book, journal entry, or just random thoughts. The writing process is a creative, emotional and healing experience. This cathartic release is needed.

Whatever your goals are, take them one step at a time. Do not be afraid to speak up for yourself and show who you are. It is safe for you to express your feelings, or expose your skills, talent and personality. Do not hide under a cloak. You have much to say, so say it!

This is also a time to nurture and spend time with any children or pets/animals who may be around you. They benefit from your care, attention and going outside and getting some fresh air and a new perspective. Take time to play and be as a child without constraints, obligations and cares or worries. We can learn and absorb a lot from watching children and animals. This will bring about healing, clarity and simplicity to many. Being around nature and flowers/plants this weekend will also be beneficial.

Namaste and Blessings! ~ Natalia Kuna

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