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Preparing for a Reading Session:

Lightworkers who offer authentic spiritual services such as readings, healings and energy work are very aware that they need to be well grounded, centred and ensure that their own energy is clear and high vibrational. As many people doing such work are sensitive and empathic by nature, looking after their own body, mind and spirit as well as emotional state is absolutely vital. We want to make sure that we are clear, pure channels.

Before giving a reading, I make sure that not only my personal energy, but also working space and equipment is cleansed, clear and protected. I also set my positive intention and say prayers for the reading and the client.  I ask for the angels, archangels, loved ones in spirit, spirit teams and other beings of Light to be present, and that accurate messages for the Highest Good of the client come through. Part of this intention includes asking Archangel Michael to remove any thoughts that may come from ego rather than Divine guidance.  I then tune into the client and the cards drawn, and take it from there. Intuitive information often comes in flashes, or in scattered parts, so if you are requesting a reading, please keep this in mind and know that the information is given as received/felt, in order for it to be kept as pure as possible. this is also the way an authentic medium would work.

During every session, the angels are not only invoked, but also are asked to watch over the client and his/her loved ones both during and after the reading, so that their loving angelic support, help and guidance and whatever healing is needed takes place. Where necessary, cords of attachment are removed. And I may offer a prayer or affirmation.

The Client’s Role:

Clients are asked to approach readings with an open heart and mind, and are reminded that readings give guidance on the client’s life, but the rest is up to them. At times the cards may not answer your question directly, but rather offer a message about something you are possibly unaware of, avoiding, or perhaps bring up an issue that is deeply buried.  Rest assured, whatever message that needs to come through to you at the time, will. You are encouraged to use your own discernment and give your own interpretations, for no one knows your life more than you! So it is important that you trust your own intuition and gut too! Remember to be kind on yourself and open to the spiritual process.

Always remember that the reader is merely the instrument through which Divine guidance comes through. So if you receive a message that you are unsure about or does not seem to relate to your life at present, there is the possibility that it could reflect something yet to come into your life, so stay open and aware for some time after the reading. Sometimes a word or message may bring up an emotional reaction, or may place you in a state of denial. Just be gentle with yourself and know that everything is okay and in perfect Divine order.  Awareness is the first step. Changes can always be made slowly – baby steps to your growth, healing and transformation.  For me, if I have planted a little seed of hope, faith or direction in a client, then I feel I have been of service and done my job with grace, compassion and honesty.

Asking Questions in a Reading:

When you request a reading, you always have the option to just keep it general and see what messages come for you, or you may choose to ask one or more questions, depending on what kind of reading it is. Below are some examples of the kinds of questions you may ask, although you may ask whatever you wish, so it is not a limited list. I will always let you know if I feel the question needs to be rephrased or changed into something more suitable, or if I feel it is unethical in some way (I won’t asnser questions about other people for example). And remember, sometimes answers come to other areas of your life you have not asked about! Keep in mind it is better to ask more general rather than specific yes/no questions.

Examples of Questions:

  • What do I need to know about my life right now?
  • What do I need to know about the next steps for me to take?
  • What can you tell me about my career/life purpose/finances?
  • What guidance is there for my health?
  • What can you tell me about my love life/partner/potential
  • What do the cards say about me moving house?

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