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I am a lightworker and Angel Intuitive,™ certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. For those of you not familiar with Doreen Virtue, she is an internationally well-regarded and published metaphysical author, clairvoyant / medium and teacher who connects with the angels and other beings of Light.

I (Natalia Kuna) am what you would call a ‘sensitive’ or ’empath’, with a natural ability to pick up on the energy of people, places or situations. My predominant psychic gift is that of ‘clairsentience’, meaning that I ‘feel’ and receive information or energy through physical sensations. I also at times connect psychically through hearing specific words, sentences or sounds (clairaudience), seeing visual images with my mind’s eye (clairvoyance), or through having a sense of ‘knowing’ about something claircognizance).

In my angel work, I connect to Universal Divine Energy and the angelic realm to give intuitive angel card readings, using oracle card decks that are positively imbued with Love & Light. I use the cards as well as my extra sensory perceptions to give insight and guidance. All messages are positive and loving, authentic and practical, and offer insights on what you need to know at the present time.

Depending on the client’s needs and situation, I may look at obstacles possibly blocking their path, and give potential future outcomes based on current patterns or anything that needs to change / heal / release. Sometimes past issues will come up for clients to understand core issues affecting their life at present, and may work with the angels and relevant archangels to heal, clear and cut cords with whatever is needed.

Each reading is unique and it is always a joy for me to be of service as a lightworker by connecting and passing on supportive, comforting, transformational and uplifting messages.


To date, I have several non fiction angel stories published in Doreen Virtue’s books: Archangels 101 and Saved by an Angel, both published by Hay House in 2011. I am currently writing a book proposal for Hay House, my favourite publisher, and the world’s leading publisher in the self-empowerment field.

I am also writing children’s books that inspire, awaken and delight. I feel that a strong part of my life mission involves breaking down and simplifying information (this applies both to my knowledge of spiritual topics as well as English Language) for children and adults, whether that be through teaching, writing or other forms of communication.

I believe that as an active lightworker, I have a significant role in helping both children and adults to be inspired, awaken, believe in themselves and their intuitive abilities, and explore their own authentic identity of who they really are in truth. I would like to think of myself as a bridge of light between Heaven and Earth, transmitting awareness and empowerment, and connecting people with the deeper, sacred and esoteric meanings of life on earth and beyond at this transformational time on our planet.

Drawing on my educational and professional background, I am also writing a series of educational workbooks aimed at helping primary school-aged children with all aspects of English and Creative Writing (see about my Teaching below).


I am an English Teacher, Tutor and Workshop Facilitator. I casually teach English at an ‘acceleration’ school that supports primary school children in achieving scholarship level academic performance. At this school, I was also appointed as Head Teacher of Grade 3 for 2006, and have designed curriculum, written tests and examinations and provided many supplementary resources.

I have taught ESL (English as a Second Language) in Australia and abroad;  have been a registered English Tutor for the government’s NAPLAN assessment program which entailed tutoring and mentoring students who did not reach national benchmark standards in literacy; worked as an Assistant Examination Supervisor for Secondary School GAT examinations; have been a Program Assistant and Teacher’s Integration Aide; and an Education Supervisor for a Museum in New Zealand.


Website: www.nataliakuna.com
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