Spiritual Observations for November


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Heres my Nov reading on You Tube:

Below is my channeling with the angels and ascended master Lady Nada:

When you find it hard to make a decision, deal with an ‘issue’, or simply doubt yourself and / or the world, take a good moment to get calm, centred and in a more peaceful state of mind. The angels remind you how simple the link with spirit can be:

“It is natural, inherent, God-given. Answers lie in your heart, and are coded deep within in your soul. Your very own essence, your personal code, carries this ‘truth’.

Step back from the constant chaos and mahem created by the world around you and also by your own mind, and admire the innermost recesses of your heart, hear it speak. For it knows, dear child, that the voice within you is strong. It is powerful. It is radiant. It is divine. And, as a child of God, so too do you have this divine imprint in you.

You are supported, you are encouraged, you are embraced by the angels around you, for we are here, do you not see our faces in images around you (ie: in cards, art, books, statues, online etc), do you not hear our voices in fine, spiritually-aligned tunes, do you not feel our presence at the utmost hour of of the day when you are still and sit with peace of mind, for we are here, nestling on your doorstep….

If you feel lost, aloof, alone or at a ‘dis-cord’ with the goings on and motions in your life, or even with your ‘Self’, with God, with Spirit…. take a moment to remember, dear one, that we are all one, that you are not alone, that there are many many mystical expolarations to be had that all lead (eventually, at each one’s own pace) to the one almighty truth of the ever-presence of God and your own connnection to God-self.

Sit, dear ones, in reverie, count your blessings in silence, pray to your soul and reach out to others, have faith and carry on with thy swords of flame that burns with such passion, desire and cries of (be)longing.

Carry your sword well and proudly and venture forth knowing that your upbringing, your forthcoming, your fallings short, your filtered realities, are but speckles in the galaxies, confused and side-tracking musings of your human mind. And know that that is a mere microcosm compared with the magntitude and splendour of the universe, yet you are connected, you are real, you are source, you are true.

You are an energy unto yourself, yet from something seemingly so far away, yet it is so near, almost tangible, yet you reach out your hand and doubt when you cannot touch the embers, fire, and aethers that guide, expand and nourish your very soul.

We understand, we hear you and we implore you to remember that as we are one, we breathe an eternal flame of breath that continues forever more.

You are safe, you are loved, you are an expression of the divine that is not linear (chorus of angelic laughter), but profoundly spacious in the expanse of time and space as you know it. Expanded realities wait before you, dear ones, and at the time when YOU are ready (for each soul has its own radiance, compass and map), there are gateways and portals for you to enter. They are doorways. Will you be ready to walk through?”

Intuitive Angel Messages for Star Sign Libra – October 2013


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Angel Message for Librans in October

Key Words:•detach from drama
•stand strong
•firm foundations
•self power
•inner and outer strength
•yoga and stretch

Librans in October are asked to take a stance for themselves (and their families, homes), and say no to drama. So much strength and power can be summoned and fuelled when you raise your hand and say no. This is about standing your ground and CHOOSING (as it is a choice) to stay in the light and not get involved in issues which may be swirling around you or existing in some form in your life.

There is much STRENGTH in your CHOICE to say NO and stand by firm boundaries loudly, boldly and clearly.

You can also visualise yourself and your home, family, workplace as a strong foundation that can not be broken down or infiltrated in any way. So I am talking boulders and those big firm pillars and structures you see in classical architectures.

Once you have made that firm foundation, now you can go inwards, into your inner temple that is safe, resilient and protected. Time to not only build from your inner power and wisdom by going in and accessing and developing that awareness, but also strengthen your psychical body through yoga, pilates, or even simple stretching. So make it a goal this month to stretch.

In October you will feel even more powerful when you step into hearty joy and laughter. This is about uplifting your spirits and raising your vibrations from the gut. I’m feeling the solar plexus and lower chakras (so yellow, orange and red) are key colours for you to work with this month, have around you, and visualise healing for those chakras.

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader
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Star Sign ‘Libra’ Personality Traits


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So interesting to look at the picture and especially the symbol of the scales that is associated with the star sign Libra. Librans find it hard to make decisions or take sides. They are peacemakers, libertarians, justice – bearers.

They need to find balance, truth and justice in their lives and in relationships and situations.

Born: Sept 23 – October 22
Sign: Scales
Element: Air
Birthstone: sapphire (September), opal (October)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Body Part: lower back, kidneys, lumbar region
Famous Virgos: Kate Winslet, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Smith

With Venus as the ruling planet, Librans can idealise love. As air changes direction a lot, so can Librans change their minds.

Positive Traits:

love peace, harmony, balance, justice, are very diplomatic, just, fair, kind, love beauty and appreciate aesthetics, artistic, romantic, charismatic, graceful, idealistic, hey love ‘love’, charming, captivating, cute, seek balance (hence the scales), don’t like to disappoint people, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, sociable, easy-going, love fantasy, co-operative

Negative Traits:

can detach themselves, retreat, or appear detached, as they do not want to take sides or ‘displease’, are people-pleasers, avoid conflict or confrontation, often are ‘on the fence’, find it hard to make a choice or decision, can easily get influenced, can be indecisive, changeable, irresolute, contradictory or two-sided, run out of energy, superficial, untrustworthy, unreliable, confused, self-indulgent

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader
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The Power of Using Positive Affirmations


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 Affirmations really are so powerful. It’s all about energy and where you put your intention.Being mindful of your wording pays off. Every word carries a vibration and as we all know, the spiritual

law of attraction is working right now as you read this to bring to you whatever you are ‘putting out’. So maybe it’s time to take an inventory. What have you been thinking today and recently? Time to make a positive change?

“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.”
~ Quote by affirmation queen Louise L. Hay

So, what are affirmations?


Affirmations are basically positive words, phrases or sentences that you may say aloud or in your mind. They are based on the premise that ‘like attracts like’, so your thoughts attract to you whatever it is you are thinking. As described above, you create your own reality by the power of your thoughts!!Apparently, we think on average about 60,000 thoughts per day!!! That is just insane isn’t it (and that is also why I shall be encouraging people to

meditate real soon)!! Curiously, some professional athletes are actually trained to not think negative thoughts to such a degree that they chronically reduce the actual amount of thoughts that they think in a day as well as be mindful to carry and extend that positive thought for longer, so as to give it more energy and credence for their own benefit!!

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief

And once that belief becomes a deep conviction,

things begin to happen”. ~ Claude M. Bristol

So, if you have been thinking negatively about yourself, others, or aspects of your life, then don’t be surprised that you will be drawing more of that thought-experience to yourself. It is like your thoughts will come alive.

“We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control

our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and

we are then master of the situation.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

Do you find yourself constantly thinking something along the lines of: “I never have enough money,” or: “All men treat me like dirt.” Well guess what, you will keep not having money and attracting men who abuse, disrespect or dishonour you. It is when you start to *really* pay attention to your words that you will become more acutely aware of how you think and therefore how your thoughts are affecting so many aspects of your life.

“Affirmations are like seed planted in soil. Poor soil, poor

growth. Rich soil, abundant growth. The more you choose to

think thoughts that make you feel good, the quicker the

affirmations work.”~Louise L. Hay

Affirmations are even more effective when repeated. The repetition allows the messages to enter your subconscious and as energy follows thought, you shall attract the positive experiences you are affirming.
So you have nothing to lose! Make time to take an inventory of your thoughts.

Check out the challenge below that will help turn your thoughts, and consequently your life, around:

“Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind:

repetitive application – practice. What you practice is what

you manifest.”~ Grace Speare


Written by Natalia Kuna, Spiritual Intuitive
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Deep Healing Water Meditation


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This is a Meditation to cleanse your aura. This quick, easy, powerful, pure, light-filled meditation came from the angels for you to cleanse your energy field (aura), and feel completely refreshed, calm and at peace. I have deliberately made it only about 5 minutes long so that it is easy to do if you feel stressed, busy or impatient.

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader
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Random Acts of Kindness


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take_a_smile_tagsI am a great believer of giving and doing random acts of kindness. It is such a joy. Whenever I can, I give, and it always brings a smile to my face and nourished my heart. It feels so true and uplifting. It is amazing how much love energy can be spread by a singly gesture, and just how far it can reach. The whole notion of ‘paying it forward’ encapsulates the snowball effect and on top of that, this positive experiential karma eventually comes back to you in surprisingly delightful ways. I encourage you this month to perform a random act of kindness – just watch that you do not burn yourelf out or give reluctantly, or out of fear – don’t be an overgiver, unless it brings you the utmost joy and positive energy – try to find the balance.


Here are some ideas of what you can do:
•make a sign like the one in the picture and hang it on public noticeboards or at work (lol)
•pay for the coffee of the person next to you in line
•buy something useful and easy to give away to strangers (I like to do this with movie tickets)
•smile to strangers (be safe)
•buy flowers for someone
•give people authentic compliments
•offer your talents or services
•help in a soup kitchen
•give to charity or someone in need
•mentor a person in need
You can actually say you are performing a random act of kindness, or that you believe in paying it forward.

Do you have any stories of when you performed an act of random or thoughtful kindness? Please share on Facebook or email me. Or perhaps you have some ideas to share with others…

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader
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The Crystal: Celestite (Stone of Heaven)


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CELESTITE: “Stone of Heaven”

The angels are very gently yet loudly bringing celestite forward this month. It is a beautiful soft, translucent blue (though it can be other colours too) with a pearly like lustre. It is extremely and delightfully ethereal-like. It’s name aptly comes from the Latin “caelestis” meaning “celestial” or “heavenly.”

It has also been called the “Stone of Heaven”, said to have been created through the angelic music of the by celestial choirs. Its element is ‘air’.

Celestite is simply IMBUED and RADIATING with ANGELIC ENERGY… I would say that it is a magical stone of divinity and enlightenment…

The message I am getting here is that it is time to be fully emerged and encompassed in the beautiful bright wings of the angels. I am feeling that it is not only originally a gift from the angels, but they are especially now bringing it into our consciousness in our ‘new age’ as a tool to help us not only believe and be elevated, but also to teach us and open up new levels of spiritual development, which is perfect for this time we are currently in! We are also guided to be patient and remember that all works out in perfect timing so trust, trust, trust!

Some have also linked this beautiful crystal with a cluster of 7 stars in the Pleiades star system. So it has very mystical star-like qualities to it.

The beautiful soft grey/blue makes it incredibly calming, cooling and uplifting, aiding in giving not only a sense of serenity but also mental clarity and balance. It cools the emotions and dispels worries. The angels are now analogising this with the colour of soft baby blue in many hospital, clinic or wellness centre walls. It is by no coincidence. Blue is a very soulfully resonating healing colour that brings harmony, balance, alignment and peace. It is wonderful to place in a room to promote peace and high vibrations. You can use to help you to ease any stress, conflict or disharmony in your home or relationships. It will bring a deep level of peace, oneness and harmony and provide a safe platform for communication and resolution.

It purifies your chakras and helps eliminate toxins as well as clear the cells. Being a blue stone, it is wonderfully healing in a gentle way for the aura and the crown chakra especially, as well as the throat chakra (also perfect for writers and other communicators or anyone needing to strengthen and heal their throat chakra). It is wonderful for promoting creativity.

As a gentle spiritual stone it will make you feel heavenly and floaty. It gently builds your psychic and spiritual connection by stimulating and developing your psychic senses (especially clairvoyance) and spiritual communication. It is great for astral travel and dream recall, so a beautiful crystal to keep under your pillow or by your bedside with a journal and pen.

Even if you look at a picture of this crystal, you will feel and see its loving, magical, comforting angelic qualities. Placing it around you will attract angelic energy. It naturally gives access to the heavenly realm of the angels, and helps you link in with divine angelic wisdom. It works to raise your consciousness and promote a greater connection to your guardian angel and spirit guides, and allow swift access to angelic light. It is a wonderful crystal to look at, hold and meditate with. It is the perfect tool to aid in channelling, psychic and healing work.

It is a very safe crystal that gently encourages and calms you, to helping you rebuild your inner strength, connection to the divine and higher beings, and the wisdom of your own higher self.

If you are a Pisces or Gemini then this is the perfect crystal for your astrological sign.

This is one of those crystals best kept out of the sun as it can fade.

Natalia Kuna ~ Intuitive Reader

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Spiritual Poem about Awakening


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Poetry is a beautiful form of writing where your thoughts can be let loose to flow freely. Many writers, songwriters/musicians and artists channel naturally and tap into Divine inspiration.

Below is a poem I recently wrote about the awakening process.

Alternatively, to experience a sacred, calming a video version of this poem, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=gUKYmvhCfn4

“Matrix of Hidden Knowing”

My thoughts
Push against the willows
Of my mind.

Surfacing again
Seemingly in unison
Metamorphosing into

Making themselves known
Amidst the darkness of night
Revealing hidden stories
Of an eternal inner plight.

For who would really know
The treasures beyond the grave
More than the hidden voice
Springing forth from their plague.

Cushioned in their depths
They know no escape
Yet coiling into position
They form a serpent snake.

A burden on the human
Each thought a complex mesh
Sewn in a matrix
That gnaws at bones and flesh.

Time to dig the trenches
Of the encumbered mind
To find a golden pathway
Entrenched with in its shrine.

Explore the hidden depths
In merciless terrain
To discover truth and light
Past the torrids and the rain.

Wash away those torrential tears
Hardened into stone
Crack away the surface
To reveal the sacred tone.

That vibrates a mystical beat
Alongside the trouncing heart
Dig up past the twining veins
And obstacles of one’s hearth.

To find the voice with in
Past the idleness of time
Conglomerations of 3D days
That play out an endless mime.

And hold on to that song of life
Like a golden flute of lore
Trumpeting its winnings and misfortunes
And hidden truths galore.

So find that voice with in you
And handle it with care
Let it out in ritual
And wholeheartedly declare.

That from this moment forth
Your tongue shall speak with glory
Without its shackles or its veils
To tell its bona fide story.

Now that it’s unleashed a precious code
Of such reconcile knowing
Let it be your navigational guide
A torch that keeps you going.

Lit by the flame of your inner fire
That burns from deep inside
Past the mists of space and time
An awakening you no longer can hide.

And as you state this fair conviction
With confident acquiesce
You’ll find new paths emerging
That give you wisdom at its best.

For a cornucopia of heaven
Is waiting at your door
If only you turn the handle
And be ready to explore.

By Natalia Kuna
Intuitive Reader, Writer

How to Develop Spiritual Awareness


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free goddess sea -free 123rf

I get a lot of questions from people about how they can develop their spiritual awareness. Here are some tips and suggestions:

~ stay true to you
~ look deep within and find the truth in your heart
~ if you feel alone in your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and discoveries, do not worry, draw upon your own strength and inner resources and trust in your heart
~ begin to find likeminded people whether that be in safe online communities, groups, pages etc, or start to try new courses, workshops, groups in your area or city
~ take it one step at a time
~ give yourself a pat on the back for your journey thus far
~ release your past
~ truly work to forgive yourself and others
~ develop a daily spiritual practise that feels true and achievable to you
~ make a sacred space, whether that be a small corner of your room or a shelf, or a whole dedicated area – spend time there often
~ start each day taking centred, mindful breaths
~ meditate when you can, even if that means just 5 minutes of stillness (in your room, car, or work toilet if you have to lol
~ practise visualisation
~ set CLEAR intentions for yourself and declare them to the universe, and/or any beings, deities etc that you feel drawn to
~ go out into nature, just listen to the sounds of birds, the wind etc, develop a sense of ‘awareness’
~ do not be hard on yourself
~ follow your heart and whatever you are drawn to, even if it is different every day
~ search online, watch more you tube vids on spiritual topics
~ work on developing your sense of awareness of what is around you, notice signs and synchronicities
~ see where the angels guide you, and don’t forget to ask for their guidance
~ stay well centred, protected and grounded
~ speak to God, the angels, your higher self often
~ work on coming from a place of peace in all areas of your life
~ remember life is a journey and its okay to make mistakes
~ do not seek to be ‘perfect’
~ you have all the wisdom within!

I will be helping people develop their spirituality in various ways in my 1:1 Skype sessions commencing in early 2014. More details here: http://www.nataliakuna.com/spiritual-coaching-services.html

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Natalia Kuna

Intuitive Observations for September 2013


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For September, there is a lot of fire energy…. the angels are saying to keep your energy clear. Notice how others affect your energy, and the toxins that you are carrying around with you. They are linking that with through a part of this card below.

They are saying that in this instance, the red swirling fire energy is metaphorically representing a ‘bib’. They are using that analogy for you to understand just how much toxicity we carry with us. Imagine how much better she would feel with the bib taken off and her aura all cleared.

Another message for this month, is to ‘hold your ground’ like a king or a queen. This is about not letting anything affect you at all, or anyone stepping on your toes so to speak. This means staying strong and holding your energy, keeping your energy clear and intending with your full intent that nothing will bother or enter your sphere.

You may have to amp up your spiritual cloaking/protection by allowing Archangel Michael to assist you with shielding and cord cutting. It is important also that you show respect to others through your words, deeds and actions as well as intentions for others to treat you with respect. Stay centred, balanced and stabilised like a rock. Visualise four strong colossal pillars around you, with you in the middle.

Others might be drawn to you or recognise you a trustworthy, wise, compassionate person – they may come to you for advice, or you may seek it in another. You might find someone of that character coming into your life.


In my Intuitive Angel Reading for Sept video (Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=upkWN6lgXA0 Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUD0myK3PcAdQRkNslrw5PDg&v=oKnwwvQHthk&feature=player_detailpage )

I explain how the angels came through with a message while I was looking at the card, and they also mention a portal. Find quiet time to meditate / look deep within the picture. Here is a synopsis of what came through, with the channelling parts in quotation and italics:

The angels are saying much through the energy of this card, so look deeply into it. They say:

“You are becoming more you, of the you-your-self, deep inside the crevices of your heart. Look deep within, Dear Ones, it is safe for u to do so; and in so doing you will see the flower begin to bloom as well as nurture the seed of grace of what you are becoming.

Do not be afraid, Dear Ones, to open up your petals and explore the realms within that exude an exuberance you are only beginning to fathom. So go explore the depths and the fragrances shall emerge in the winds of the night like a beacon hovering in the midst/mist (angels are playing with the nuances and synergy between the two words, which they tend to do at times).

And from the nectar of life a new you shall emerge more glorious than the you before, like a sun emerging forwards with all its power, radiating a glow and a temperance. So u shall bore a birth of victory where ‘ye shall come out and rise forward’….
You are in the midst of the horizon and we wish to honour you and your journey thus far. Be proud. Be merry. Be free.”

The angels are wishing to impress upon you ‘codes’ and messages through this image. See the stars and purple galaxy in the backdrop. They say :

“There is a ‘portal’ for you to go within and when you walk through the portal with your mind / imagination, it will take you to otherworldly realms that are indeed quite real.”

They also point out the yellow of the flower and link it to your soul, your divinity, your solar plexus, the sun. They want you to really see how this female so gloriously opens her unravelling cape which is the large petals which are still a little unfurled, and she looks down; however she is ‘resplendid’ and ‘proud’.

They are pointing out a synthesis between the two worlds of the sensitivity, vulnerability (and I’m feeling some people are extra sensitive or vulnerable right now or during September), purity (white) and introspective shyness, with the uprising of the sun and the flower promising a resurgence of confidence and glory.

Then we have the endless possibilities and mystical, cosmic magic offered my the astral backdrop. Spirituality is heightened in the purple tones and the reds suggest the fire element of passion, creativity and feminine power. There is a sense of balance and grounding within this emergence.

Blessings to you all, Natalia Kuna http://www.nataliakuna.com http://www.facebook.com/nataliakuna